One Good Thing About Last Night… March 5, 2008

One Good Thing About Last Night…

At least all the remaining candidates accept evolution.

Good riddance to Mike Huckabee.

Barack Obama‘s still taking it all the way.

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  • I like tea

    I’m glad Huckabee’s out of the race, but it doesn’t give me any hope for America in itself. I’d like to think his religious insanity is what killed his campaign, but I really don’t think that’s it. I think it’s mainly because he just wasn’t all that well-known outside Arkansas before he started campaigning. The fact that a religious fundie can run for US president without being immediately derided by every corner of society is sad in itself.

    I mean, religious fundies run for office in European countries, too, but they just get laughed at. Huckabee was a real contender, until his underperformance in the primaries became clear.

  • Purple

    Obama is a very religious person, no matter what you say, Hemant. It’s the one thing that irks me about him. Well, there are other things, but I think this is one of the major ones because he does mention God often enough in his speeches.

  • Lunigma

    I don’t think Ron Paul is a creationist. But he doesn’t accept Evolution either. He doesn’t think either side has absolute truth.

    P.S. No, I’m not a Ron Paul guy, just pointing out that there’s still one person who doesn’t accept evolution.

  • Stephen

    Don’t count your chickens. McCain is over 70, and he only needs to have a heart attack somewhere in the next few months …

    I seem to remember the West not being sure whether to be amused or horrified when Zirinovski was threatening to come to power in Russia. Now the USA has its very own version.

  • I don’t think Ron Paul is a creationist. But he doesn’t accept Evolution either. He doesn’t think either side has absolute truth.

    Fair enough, but is Ron Paul still in the race?! (If so, why?)

  • cautious

    Ron Paul is still in the race because his followers are crazy dedicated.

    Although who the president is has little control over how evolution education / acceptance goes in the country, the potential for the election of a Democrat into the White House with an expanded Democrat control of the House/Senate could mean that universal health care can finally happen in this country. The effect of which could be remarkable in limiting the power of fundamentalism in this country, which in turn will lead to less fundies making up school boards at local and state levels, which in turn leads to better science education.

    It’s a possible scenario, but we won’t see the fruit of it for …10, 20 years.

  • Karen

    Barack Obama’s still taking it all the way.

    I dunno. I’m depressed on this front.

    What I really hate is that now Barack is going to have to go negative – which you can tell just really doesn’t appeal to him, and is NOT who he is as a person – in order to keep his lead, and then it’s all going to come down to the convention anyway. I don’t see anything good coming out of relying on superdelegates, either.

    I almost wish there was a way they could compromise and engineer a joint ticket, but I know neither of them wants to be VP when they feel they each has a chance at president. I just hate to see them tearing into each other for the next several months and providing help to McCain by planting negative arguments about each other in voters’ minds.

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