Midwest Atheist Party! March 5, 2008

Midwest Atheist Party!

Skepchick Elyse and I would like to get Midwestern atheists together for the bestest of all atheist parties!

(Take that, Bostonians.)

The party happens Saturday, March 22nd around 8:00 p.m. at Whiskey Road in downtown Chicago. All the details are here.

(Only because it’s an awesome bit of trivia, Whiskey Road used to be known as Darwin’s… and it’s owned by a company called Sacrilicious, LLC! Good times.)

Consider this party an alternative for those of you not attending the American Atheists convention in Minnesota that same weekend.

What will happen during this, the greatest night of your life?

Booze, burgers, and two free hours of Guitar Hero in the special room! Update: Well, two free hours with our group, anyway… After that, anyone can join in.

(You have a little more than two weeks to grow that necessary fourth arm.

Better pray for a miracle.)

Now, who’s bringing the ceremonial fetus?

Cameras and hilarious atheist t-shirts are welcome.

More details coming soon!

(The credit completely goes to Elyse for making this happen!)

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  • For the record, Guitar Hero is still free even after 10pm… its just we have to share with the other patrons.

  • Is Whiskey Road just a bar? I mean, can only people over 21 come in, or is it a bar/grill thingamajig?

    Not sure if I’ll be able to make it anyway, but just out of curiosity… oh the joys of being 20.

  • *Dang* Why can’t Chicago be closer to Omaha? And me, with all my Guitar Hero skillz 🙂 A night of atheist debauchery, *sigh* it’s like my wildest dreams come true . . .

  • Luke

    Jennifurret: I could be wrong, but I think that bars with food will allow under-21ers until 10pm, perhaps later depending on the bar.

  • Karen

    Hey, have fun! We do expect pictures, of course! 🙂

  • Sabrina

    *sigh* I wish there was something like this in the south. We aren’t all redneck, bible toting freaks down here…some of us are actually educated!

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