Video of Celebrity Atheists March 3, 2008

Video of Celebrity Atheists

eddygoombah created this sweet video featuring the list of celebrity atheists!

(via Debunking Christianity)

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  • Nice, had no idea about Ray Romano. The picture of Ricky Gervais looks like it was captured in the middle of the David Brent dance. 😀 But holy hell, I had *no idea* that Richard Dawkins was an atheist. I completely did not see that coming.

    By the way, here’s another fun video that I received from one of the Carl Sagan myspace pages: a song about the Big Bang and evolution.

    From Everybody Loves Raymond, season 1:
    Debra: Ray told Allie that Santa Claus doesn’t exist.
    Marie: My god! My own son, an *atheist*?!

  • chancelikely

    One of the interesting things I found while watching the video (and yes, I watched the whole thing) was the number of people I didn’t really care for. It’s a good sign when it’s common enough that there’s a “like” group (George Carlin, Eddie Izzard, Douglas Adams, Frank Zappa) a “dislike” group (David Cross, James Lipton, Bill Bryson) and a fairly large “who dat?”. (I’m guessing all the names I didn’t recognize are either British actors or American producers/directors or something like that.)

  • Matt

    @chancelikely: You don’t like David Cross? *sad face* He’s one of my favorite comics.

  • Susan

    It’s very lopsided with men. Wonder why?

  • Frank The Tank

    And where’s Carl Sagan????????? His absence is blasphemous!

  • Thanks for the listing.
    Some pretty amazing figures.

    But I had to say that I was struck by how monolithically white that entire list was. I mean if it weren’t for Mohammed Choukri, Robin Quivers, Tariq Ali, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali it’s be entirely white.

    What’s up with that?

    Has anyone blogged about this pretty striking disparity?

    Cause as an atheist of color (for lack of a better term) I was sort of left feeling like more a freak after that list then less of one.

  • I enjoyed that. I’ve read a lot of the celebrity atheist list, but it’s nice to have faces put with some of the names.

    It’s very lopsided with men. Wonder why?

    I noticed that of the few women, several were comediennes. You could even count Katherine Hepburn – she did quite a few screwball comedies.

    Oh, and I love Bill Bryson!!

  • Kyle

    I had no idea on some of them. Arranofsky was one of them that I didn’t know about.

    How can you not like David Cross? Clearly, you haven’t watched Arrested Development.

    Also, I’d like to point out many things including the things already pointed out:

    1) Lots of men.
    2) Lots of white people.
    3) There were certain professions with many people in them. Obviously, there was the sciences. But probably more prevelant was that of comedians. I think when you have to analyze stuff to get material, it really, really calls things into question.

    As for #1, from experience, this just hits home. My sister is full blown Catholic. In fact, she often cites – out of the blue – anyone or anything that might be a “non-believer”. There was also a local paper article about Christmas being a female predominant holiday. (I’d link to it but it’s under a pay wall; tisk tisk KC Star.) Anyway, it just seems that women are far more susceptible to the spell – if that’s the right way to look at it.

    #2, I’m wondering if that’s just because of the video’s not putting everyone in, trying to put in big names, or simply because there aren’t many. I’m honestly not sure, but it’s concerning.

    #3 I just find that fascinating. My wannabe profession – filmmaking – was represented well.

  • Mriana

    They remembered to put my hero in that video! 😀 Gene was in there! Yes, I adore the man. His son, also a Humanist, isn’t bad either. 😀

  • A couple more that aren’t included:

    – Ayn Rand
    – J. Michael Straczynski
    – Bill Gates
    – Brad Pitt (not 100% sure; I think I read it somewhere, but don’t remember exactly)

  • Joao

    Very nice list but…what about Einstein?

  • Josha

    David Cross is hilarious (Arrested Development anyone?)

    About it being mostly white men, I am sure there are many complex reasons why. Have you noticed how many paranormal shows are on women’s networks? It’s disappointing but true. Why do women seem more susceptible to paranormal claims? I’m not entirely sure but I am proud to be a rationally-minded woman.

    When I go to atheist events there are mostly white men there too. It’s the way it is. But we can change that!

  • Neuron

    Billy f**king JOEL. My life has been made.

  • Neuron

    There were a lot more in there that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, but Billy Joel was my favorite singer, growing up.

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