Ray Comfort Is Right March 3, 2008

Ray Comfort Is Right

I am scared of bananas…


You may go have your nightmares now.

(via My Confined Space)

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  • I’ve been in therapy now for several years due to the “atheist nightmare”. That darn banana!!!! Everything made so much sense and I was so sure of everything until I was confronted with THE BANANA. I can’t sleep at night. I toss and turn. Its all I can think about.

  • Friends, atheists, countrymen — it is time we arm ourselves! We shall be subject to the terror and subjugation of The Banana no more! TO FREEDOM!

    — Miz L. (who shares a birthday and temperament with Thomas Paine)

  • Maria

    nooo! not the bannana!

  • Jodie

    File under “Too easy to resist:”

    That shit is bananas

  • James


    Now, if that were a clown holding a banana or whatever with a banana, then he’d be on the right track to something scary.

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