New George Carlin Stand-Up March 2, 2008

New George Carlin Stand-Up

The brilliant comedian’s latest special It’s Bad For Ya aired this weekend. Here are some excerpts dealing with religion:


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  • Carry On

    Fabulous, funny guy. Humor is so important in helping people see their own wayward thinking. I totally agree with the last part when Carlin tells us that government officials don’t really care about the American people or the stuff they say to get elected. The way it’s done is not for us, it’s for the people who win and their cronies. It’s the job they love. It would be nice if the Democrats would do it better, but Carlin may be right. I’m a cynic trying to hang on to the Hope and Change ideal and what it would mean if any of it could be true.

  • Mriana

    I love Geo. Carlin. He makes me laugh, esp about religion. 🙂 Just when I think I can’t stand religion anymore and want to chew the next Fundie up and spit them out, Geo. comes along and makes me laugh about it. Thanks for sharing these, Hemant. :hug:

  • Genius

  • George Carlin is great. I understand his skepticism about government, especially having to put up with Bush for the past seven years, but I want to add that government doesn’t have to be that way, we could change the system for the better so it does work for us instead of against us. And there are a lot of examples of government doing good things, it’s just that the bad things it does are so egregious that it overshadows the good most of the time. So don’t just be a complainer, try to help move the process along for the better.

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