Iowa Atheists Join the Blogging Mix March 2, 2008

Iowa Atheists Join the Blogging Mix

Mississippi atheists began one the other day.

Now, a group of Iowa Secularists are starting a blog.

Hey, Montana atheists: We’re waiting.

I like the Iowans’ multi-dimensional title, too:

The name has a triple meaning drawing from three definitions of the word “just”: We are atheists who are honorable and fair in our dealings and actions; merely atheists; and exclusively atheists (in that the bloggers are not of other worldviews).

Check them out and support atheists in a state where they’re sorely needed!

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  • Jet

    I know the president of Iowa secularists through Camp Quest. It’s a great organization, and should be a great blog.

  • Isaah Vincent

    How do we get a notice here?

    we’ve had one for the VAA for about 3months now.

    I think we need to make a godless blog-ring.

    check us out:

  • Hey, thanks for the plug, Hemant. I’ve always been a fan of your work. And Isaah, I think you might be onto something with the godless blog-ring. The more we network the better!

  • Remember Central PA – the Northeast Extension of the Bible Belt!

  • Godless blog-ring, huh? Count me in!