Even Elephants Aren’t Safe March 2, 2008

Even Elephants Aren’t Safe

The Exterminator honors Dr. Seuss’ birthday by telling us how the evangelicals are going after Horton!

The Who Jews and Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists
The Who Vegetarians, Wiccans, and Nudists,
The Who Presbyterians, Baptists, New Agers:
All spread the sad news on their cell phones and pagers.

A Who Evangelical fell to his knees
And he said, “Oh no, Horton! I beg of you, please!
We always have liked you. We all think you’re swell,
And we can’t stand the thought that you’re headed to hell!”

But Horton just laughed and he wiggled his trunk.
The bible to him was a big bunch of bunk.
He meant what he said and he said what he meant,
“Religion is silly a hundred percent.”

The evangelicals respond:

“And though you’re no Who (you are just a big elephant),
God loves you, too. What you are is irrelevant.
He can destroy us if someone’s defiant.
A sinner’s a sinner no matter how giant!”

Will they get him? Will they?!?!?

Read the whole story to find out.

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  • Adrian

    Vegetarians and nudists?

  • We carrot crunchers get the blame for everything. It’s ‘cos we won’t eat babies innit?

  • Mriana

    And the littlest Freethinking Who said, “Oh brother!” 🙄

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