Download the Air America Interview March 2, 2008

Download the Air America Interview

My interview with Air America Minnesota’s Atheists Talk is now up.

You can download it here (MP3).

Thanks to Jeannette Sorensen and Bjorn Watland for making it happen!

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  • Milena

    I’m listening to it right now, while doing my math homework (in the spirit of all things Hemant). It’s pretty interesting stuff, although the atheist commercials they play throughout the show are a little cheezy. =)

  • Steve Petersen

    Hemant it was great to listen to you on the Atheists Talk radio program. I do have a comment on the “cheezy” ads on the program Consider 26 weeks of programing cost $9,100.00. Somebody has to pay for the time. Minnesota Atheists uses both donations and paid ads. A reality of the production. I like the ads as they give all secular supporters a chance at sending their message across the airwave spectrum. This production is made possible by secular groups working together.

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