Atheist Version of a Chick Tract February 29, 2008

Atheist Version of a Chick Tract

An oldie, but a goodie.

What if this particular Chick Tract was written by an atheist…?

It might look like this:



The whole thing is fairly entertaining as well as a quick read.

You can read the full parody version here.

Anyone know any other sites where atheist Chick Tract parodies exist?

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  • grazatt

    A guy named PsychoDave used to have a bunch on his site!

  • The funniest thing about that particular Chick Tract is certainly not the truth. When I was in the USCG in Traverse City Michigan, there seemed to be a large amount of evangelicals. It was there I met the first Xian who told me that ‘you don’t have to be good, all you have to do is believe’. (to be fair, one of the evangelicals was a good friend who was a kind, giving and quite tolerant and forgiving person)

    The Tract is even less truthful when you look at how ‘practicing’ atheists are actually treated in the military.

  • MercuryBlue

    Lost me at ‘jungles of Iraq’, sorry, but otherwise…

  • Steelman

    Here’s a Chick tract parody, by James Huber, that makes fun of Jack Chick himself:

    There are more in the sidebar on the right.
    Brilliant stuff.

  • “Anyone know any other sites where atheist Chick Tract parodies exist?”

    Bronze Dog had this one: Image Dogtoring #1: Christians & Crusades

    I like it much better than “Unholy Joe.” For one thing, none of the atheists in Bronze Dog’s parody use army shoes and army food for a personal toilet. Also, Bronze Dog’s parody doesn’t use The God Delusion as a sort of Scripture. If I were to show “Unholy Joe” to a Christian, it would tend to confirm said Christian’s misapprehensions about atheists.

  • JJ: I agree. Pretty much myself and the other atheists that I knew in the USCG and know today, wouldn’t be such jackasses as to retaliate like that.

    Now that you mention it, it does confirm the atheist stereotype a bit.

  • Sorry
  • Sorry
  • Enter the Jabberwock has a running Jack Chick Tract commentary, updated a couple of times a month. Every update he or a guest dissector go through a Chick tract, mocking it and pointing out the BS.

  • Paul

    That was stupid, IMO. I can see the potential for a clever parody, but the shitting in the shoes, the ninja references, the fake Dawkins quotes, etcetera was just juvenile and idiotic—not witty at all. Sorry…

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