Christianity Wins This Round… February 28, 2008

Christianity Wins This Round…

Bill experienced definitive proof of God’s existence yesterday.

He was going through his morning routine when he glanced at the ground:


Do you see it…? It’s a message from the Heavens!

Look closer!


Oh, snap! It’s the Ichthys symbol!

Atheists, I only have one question: What now? BAM. Game, set, match. If Comfort and Cameron couldn’t bring you over with their banana, I have full confidence that my two fallen hairs can easily provide all the proof you skeptics could ever need.

The miracle I seek has been found. There is no possible explanation for this. Don’t even try making sense of it.

Bill now needs to take the next logical step:

Sell the hairs on eBay.


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  • Mriana

    One-half of pisces on the floor/ground. I think some human put it there just so that they could TRY and make someone believe their god put it there. That’s just as bad as the pilgrims finding food buried and thinking God put it there. PLEASE! N.A. had a tendency to bury food. Too bad the pilgrims were too ignorant to know this and fell back on superstition, believing God buried it there for them. Does Ray Comfort really believe people are that stupid?

    Oops! 😳 It wasn’t Monkey Ray and his banana, but a human did do it- not on purpose though. 😆 I was part right.

  • JimboB

    Doesn’t that fish have Pagan origins (much like Christianity in general)?

  • Mriana

    Yes, it’s related to astrotheology.

    From :

    Massey: “Horus in Egypt had been a fish from time immemorial, and when the equinox entered the sign of Pisces, Horus, was portrayed as Ichthys with the fish sign of over his head.” Dujardin: “The patriarch Joshua, who was plainly an ancient god of Palestine and bore the same name as the god of Christianity, is called the son of Nun, which signifies ‘son of the fish.'” Walker: “The fish symbol of the yonic Goddess was so revered throughout the Roman empire that Christian authorities insisted on taking it over, with extensive revision of myths to deny its earlier female-genital meanings.” Wheless: “The fish anagram was an ancient Pagan symbol of fecundity . . .”

  • Bill has remarkably straight hair. Unfortunately, with my curls, the best thing I could get off is a couple of Flying Spaghetti Monsters.

  • See, this is why I don’t want god in my life.

    “God? Honey? What are you doing with those toenail clippings?”
    “I’m making a portrait of my son to leave in an unsuspecting mortal’s bathroom!”
    “That’s disgusting. Can’t you just throw it away in a neat pile, like normal deities?”

    — Miz L.

  • Renacier

    I wish I had some sort of branding iron I could use to burn Jesus onto toast or waffles or what have you. Instant Ebay millionaire.

  • Renacier

    Bam, found it.

    We need to mass produce those. I’ll take two.

  • Who knew male-patterned baldness would prove the existence of Gawd???

  • Andrew

    I only see proof of a dirty bathroom.

  • I only see proof of a dirty bathroom.

    Hey! Not true. Unfortunately I don’t yet own that device that catches hair as it falls off your head and places it directly in the trash can. I know, I know…I need to get with the program.

    Hopefully I can invest in one with this cool million that I’m certain to make, though.


    Bill – the FriendlyChristian “hair guy”

  • um….a hairy ichthys ISN’T proof of evolution?

    just askin’….

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