An Interview with Pat Condell February 27, 2008

An Interview with Pat Condell

The Freethinker blog has an interview with atheist YouTube celebrity Pat Condell.

Pat is as entertaining in print as he is in his videos.

FT: What can we do to resist the growing influence of religion?
PC: We can speak out. That’s what the internet is for, and it’s the only reason my voice is being heard. We need to make as much noise as religious people do, and with as much certainty about our right to do so.

Nobody should be bullied into showing respect they don’t think is deserved. If you hear somebody claiming special treatment because of their faith you’re entitled to say: “No, I object to this. It offends me, it insults my beliefs, and it’s a violation of my human rights.”

Use their tactics if you feel strongly enough. Make a nuisance of yourself. Make an official complaint. Take it to a tribunal. As an atheist you’re part of a minority whose beliefs are constantly ignored and marginalised while religious prejudice is pandered to and encouraged, and you have every right to be offended by that.

Also, I would urge everyone to join the National Secular Society and the British Humanist Association, both of whom do excellent work in the cause of sanity.

Remember, one person on their own can’t do much, but a million people each doing a little every day can change things very quickly.

And for Pat’s legions of fans, some good news!

FT: What about the future? Will we see a collection of your videos on the market?
PC: Yes. The Richard Dawkins Foundation is issuing a non-profit DVD of my first thirty-five videos which should be out soon.

Check out the full interview here.

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  • Erik

    Pat Condell is great! His YouTube videos are a much watch! All of them!

  • stogoe

    I am totally buying that DVD.

  • Erik

    “…are a MUST watch!” Sorry about that earlier.

    But really, Pat Condell is one of the best people on YouTube. I’ll definitely look at donating some money and getting that DVD.

  • Pat Condell is a singular talent both in writing and standup. It’s a pleasure to hear a masterful rendering of the Engish language, for one thing. His irreverence strikes a dissenting chord, for another.
    As a practicing satirist I always look forward to the next sublime rant. High brow and fearless.

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