Atheist on the Dance Floor February 20, 2008

Atheist on the Dance Floor

Looks like Penn Jillette is going to be a cast member on Dancing with the Stars beginning next month.

His partner is Kym Johnson, last seen on the show with Mark Cuban.

Anyone else ready for Freethought Freestyles? Secular Sambas? Pastafarian Paso Dobles?–ok, I’ll stop now.

(via A Reasonable Atheist)

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  • Rational Rhumba? Prestidigitation Polka? (since he’s a magician)

  • Kaleena

    I can’t wait!! I love dancing with the stars!!

  • Siamang

    Carrie Ann: Well, I saw good form, and precise footwork, but the rules clearly state no lifts, and I did see Kym’s feet leave the floor.

    Penn: That wasn’t a lift, it was LEVITATION!

    Bruno: Penn… you were like a seductive sorcerer from the from the fever dreams of a fairy princess…ON FIRE!

  • Milena

    Love Penn Jillette, hate Dancing with the Stars. I guess I’ll stick with Bullshit for now.

  • Anon

    I see that Adam Carolla is going to be on that show too, He is an “out” atheist as well, although not nearly as outspoken as Penn.

  • Shane

    So will Adam Carolla, another loud atheist! I can’t wait to see it.

  • QrazyQat

    This is an unimportant question next to the real DWTS weekly wonder: what is Edyta going to wear?

    (Followed by “what IS Edyta wearing?”)

  • AxeGrrl

    Speaking of ‘out’ atheists…….why isn’t Kathy Griffin part of the line-up?? 🙂

    Len: “I enjoyed your performance, but every time i expected to see a heel, i saw a toe”

    Kathy: “suck it Len!!”

  • I still won’t be able to bring myself to watch. Maybe if they got Dawkins or even better Dennett.

  • stogoe

    It’s better than Singing Bee, or Bingo Night, or American Gladiators Roid Rage. I’ll give it that.

    But it doesn’t compare to scripted television. Or the Food Network. Or No Reservations.

  • chatterbox

    Generally I avoid this show, but will certainly tivo it for Penn and Carolla.

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