Christians Against Cartoons February 19, 2008

Christians Against Cartoons

I can’t tell if it’s Christian Fundamentalists or satire. It’s crazy enough to be both…

Christians Against Cartoons.


The animated muck machine is continuing to drag our nation’s children in the gutter through the promotion of all manner of sin. This time the agent of evil is a little Dreamworks film titled “Bee Movie” and the sin that it is propagating and promoting is nothing less than BEASTIALITY! The plot of this Dreamworks picture revolves around the romance between a HUMAN WOMAN and a lowly bee – AN INSECT! Never before has such depravity been dressed up as supposedly harmless family fare…

And there’s plenty more where that came from…

What do they say about Adult Swim?

What is this “Adult Swim” that comes on the Cartoon Network? To the good Christian it is clearly a major piece of the Sodomite Agenda dressed as harmless entertainment. It is mockery of our CHRISTIAN VALUES dressed up as a children’s cartoon all with the excuse by its perverted network that it is made with adults in mind, but any informed dissection of the name “Adult Swim” belies its true intentions.

In current cable television, the mere word adult has become nothing more than a euphemism for pornography –IE: “adult entertainment” or “adult situations.” The real question then becomes, why have the pornographers at Cartoon Network then chosen to combine the term “adult” with the word “swim?”

The reason is plainly obvious. By this combination of words, Cartoon Network is likening its block of nightly programming to the Turkish bath or Roman orgy of old or the modern day gay bathhouse of San Francisco. It is a place where men take unto men, women take unto women and outrageous acts of adultery, sodomy and bestiality are engaged in with no regard for the WORD OF GOD and Cartoon Network is putting all of this into a form with mass appeal to our children.

Don’t even get them started on Clifford the Big Red Dog.

(via Cynical-C Blog)

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  • Kate

    It’s 100% satire.

    You know how I can tell?



  • Are you serious

    I can’t believe that someone would actually dissect the name Adult Swim like that. Have they never been to a pool before? Oh wait, I guess the heinous crime of the public showing of more skin than ones hands is a sin, no?

  • Richard Wade

    Satire, and hilarious stuff at that. Well worth a visit. I love Adult Swim. Go Aqua Teen Hunger Force! Lucy the Devil’s Daughter and Robot Chicken make my evening complete.

  • Patrick

    I would love to see this guy’s reaction to “Drawn Together”, or the the south park movie.

  • Karen

    That’s a parody. Too many of them big dictionary vocabulary words in there for it to be the real thing. 😉

  • BZ

    Considering the site linked to this site, it has to be satire.

  • Lee

    Praise the Lord and pass the dildo! I’ll simply sit here a chomp on a pair of testicles while I watch Adult Swim…

  • I wasn’t aware that Adult Swim was ever “dressed as harmless entertainment”. I call satire.

  • Chris

    Wow, although satire, I can actually see it being real…so weird!

  • I don’t know if it is satire. They link to ‘Way of the Master’ and ‘’ and both those sites are filled with similar paranoid delusions of spiritual conspiracy in mythical places.

    I hope it’s satire, but seriously… I can actually imagine my whacko fundy sister going to the trouble of maintaining a site like this one.

  • And to think christians (specifically monks) used to be the most devoted beekeepers.

    My main problem with Bee Movie is that the bee is male. Of course the bee in the picture above doesn’t appear to be. Lesbian bestiality?

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