I Really Could Use Your Vote Here… February 17, 2008

I Really Could Use Your Vote Here…

Ok, so the Sexiest Atheist Blogger voting was just for fun. Even though I’m currently losing the vote to PZ by only a handful of votes. (I demand a recount.)

But I could actually use your help for something more serious. And possibly more entertaining.

Outreach Magazine is a Christian publication. They published a really thorough interview with me when my book came out.

Now, they’re running their annual “OUTREACH Resource Awards.”

This year the editors of OUTREACH gathered hundreds of nominations for our fifth annual awards. We divided these nominations, all of which were published in 2007, into 10 categories and then narrowed them down to just four or five finalists per category. We are confident that these finalists represent the innovation and excellence you, our readers, are seeking in your ministries, and it’s up to you now to choose the winners.

And guess who’s a finalist in the “BEST OUTREACH LEADERSHIP TRAINING RESOURCE” category…? Woo! Go me.

I don’t see any rules about who can or cannot vote… and a lot of you have sent me nice messages about how the book helped you see atheists (or Christians) in different ways. So here’s the voting link! I’m in question #5.

You can vote for just the one category if you wish. And comments are allowed, so if you have nice things to say about the book, feel free to let them know.

Thanks for any help!

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  • Sorry, but Shalini is far sexier than you; I really miss her blog.

  • Milena

    Aw, I wish my local library/bookstore carried your book, Hemant. I’ll have to order it online and read it one of these days. Anyways, I voted for you. Good luck. =)

  • Jesse

    Heh, I’m a new reader for this, but after checking out the various blogs, I think I’d vote you. Congrats (plus, your book looks really neat). You really are a friendly atheist. =) thanks

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