Crazy Potential School Director Defended by Even Crazier Supporter February 17, 2008

Crazy Potential School Director Defended by Even Crazier Supporter

A little over a week ago, Matt Pulle of the Nashville Scene newspaper wrote an article about Carolyn Baldwin Tucker, a Christian woman who was running to be Nashville’s next school director.

That alone wouldn’t be a problem. It’s her bigotry and idiocy that’s the issue:

… Tucker’s tenure in office featured a series of old-fashioned histrionics, including her angry and often inane opposition to a proposed anti-discrimination ordinance that would have given equal rights to gay city employees. Calling homosexuality a “lifestyle choice,” Tucker told The Tennessean that protecting gay people would be akin to safeguarding conduct like prostitution, alcoholism and lying. She even wondered whether the ordinance would protect public school employees who practice bestiality.

Tucker also found herself in the middle of just about every silly council folly, from her endorsement of the pro-Jesus resolution [she had supported a resolution proclaiming “Jesus Christ as an actual man who was born over 2,000 years ago.”] to her “affirmation and support of the use of the words ‘Christmas’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ when referring to Metro Government events or activities traditionally associated with Christmas.” Of course, those moments were positively Churchillian compared to when she railed against Musica, the collection of nude statues at the Music Row roundabout. Let’s not forget our onetime county leader voted against a feel-good resolution proclaiming a “Nashville Magic Week,” presumably because of her fears of the occult.

I would hope the leader of a school system knew more about critical thinking and knew better than to push her religious views on everybody else.

You have to wonder if Tucker would, as Pulle says, “cast doubt on the theory of evolution in her position as a schools director.” The assumption is that she would advocate teaching Creationism/Intelligent Design.

You don’t want someone that ignorant of science (and so much more) to be in charge of your schools.

Looks like her defenders share the same type of brain.

In a response letter to the article, Narika Kendrick writes this (Emphasis mine):

… I was quite appalled by your ill-spirited outtakes on Carolyn Baldwin Tucker, an individual who is expressing her love for Christ and standing up for what is right. It is about time someone stood up against those who are anti-Christ—you being one of them. Just because you don’t believe in Jesus, who died for your sins and mine, don’t hold it against a politician who has done a heck of a job in the school system just because of your corrupted, immoral, individualistic outlook. By the way, the last time I checked, it’s people like you that cause Columbine or other school shootings to happen because you want prayer, the Ten Commandments, Christians and every other precious good out of the school system. That’s what’s wrong with America today. Be blessed and have a nice life. But leave the morally righteous people alone.

That’s some mighty fine logic she uses… Probably similar to the type of thinking the Nashville school system would produce if Tucker became the director.

(Thanks to Susan for the link!)

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  • Richard Wade

    She even wondered whether the ordinance would protect public school employees who practice bestiality.

    Yes, it has long been known that Nashville public schools are a hotbed of duckfucker activities. God save our innocent children! (all three of ’em)

    Well, the old saying that every country has the government it deserves applies to cities too, so if the good people of Nashville want this protector of Puritan propriety running their schools then they have it all coming.

  • Elsin Ann Perry

    Oh. My. Once AGAIN I am ashamed that I live in Tennessee.

    It was my husband’s choice, not mine. I’d like to live in Vermont.

    I’m an atheist. He’s a retired United Methodist minister.

    Everybody here reveres him because he’s a Man Of God.

    I, of course, am a closet atheist.


  • We need a massive uprising of logic and reason in this world – so massive that I doubt it’s even possible to combat such flagrant ignorance that is seemingly all around us whatever form it takes: fundamentalist christian, muslim, scientologist, whatever. Some days, I admit that I wonder why even bother or dare to dream. The ignorance is pervasive. How did we ever let it get this bad? Then I realize that its thinking exactly like that which is precisely why it got this bad. And so, I get up to fight th good fight another day, battling ignorance on all fronts.

    Religion truly poisons everything.

  • AV

    By the way, the last time I checked, [. . .]

    I love this line the most. People think they can use it to justify any claim.

    “By the way, the last time I checked, it is possible to square the circle.”

    “By the way, the last time I checked, leprechauns exist. You can’t see them because they’re invisible.”

    “By the way, the last time I checked, all bachelors are married.”

  • What is it about the words “heck of a job” that associates them with utter incompetence?

  • I like tea

    It is about time someone stood up against those who are anti-Christ

    Yeah, it’s about time! That’s never, ever happened before.

  • grazatt

    Hey it’s life in the south. What can you do?

  • I assume the writer of this article is a Tennessee native. Not to sound stereotypical, but if someone from Tennessee says you are a religious nutcase, then you are.

  • Karen

    Be blessed and have a nice life. But leave the morally righteous people alone.

    LOL – I love it. Every nasty, hate-filled letter from a religious ignoramus like this ends with some version of “god bless you and have a nice day! :-)” because they have to prove what GOOD, MORAL people they are, compared to us angry, hedonistic atheists.


  • julie marie

    sometimes it goes both ways. I recently had a position to fill, and was calling candidates for the initial screening interview. Leaving an answering message that starts with “Praise the Lord” just isn’t the best idea when you are looking for a job. Even when the person calling you is calling from a faith based company. Of course, along those lines, neither is having a email address of “irish wildfire…”

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