Sexiest Atheist Blogger February 15, 2008

Sexiest Atheist Blogger

If I don’t win this poll by a landslide, we are *so* not friends anymore.


It’s the one chance I’ll ever have in life of beating PZ at anything.

Plus, I should get bonus points for being in the upcoming Skepdudes Calendar (link is to last year’s models).

Say it with me now: “Yes, we can!”

And next time, let’s include a much wider array of sexy atheist bloggers.

Dare I ask: Any nominations…?

(via Letters from a Broad)

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  • Susan

    Is it just me, or does the poll not work?

  • Kate

    I can’t get the poll to work!! 🙁 Even on the blog entry, I dont’ see it.

    Also, I misread that as “SkepNudes” and WHOA. Will there be a SkepNudes calendar?

  • HA! I thought the title was “Sexist Atheist Blogger”

  • Siamang

    PZ??? Everyone knows Greta is your biggest competition. Like, for instance she actually writes erotica.

    How you gonna compete with that, Mr. Friendly Atheist?

  • I have done my (patriotic?) duty.

  • Jen

    I voted for you, and it looks like your ballot stuffing is working- 18 votes compared to CL’s 10. I am shocked Greta isn’t winning, though, cause she is so awesomely awesome.

  • No offense Hemant, but I just like you as a friend. You’re not really my idea of sexy.

  • Ben

    Sorry, Hemant. I can’t vote for a dude for sexiest.

    How in the world does Kelly from RRS get left off this poll?

  • Ok, ok, I don’t have to win. Greta can win. I just have to beat PZ 🙂

  • Susan

    Got it to work and did my duty. You’re up to 38 votes.

  • K

    I…uh…I didn’t…uh…vote for you, dude. Sorry.
    Look, I just discovered Ebonmuse last week and he’s freakin’ really a good read.
    You’re like this big insecure cuddly Atheist guy and he’s layers of edgy Atheism. Look, dude, don’t be upset. You’re mind-candy and that’s sweet too, isn’t it?

  • To be fair, I haven’t seen pictures of all of them–but between you and Greta and PZ and so on, you definitely win!

  • just see the next comment from me.

  • I voted for you. Funny and friendly is SEXY. Add in atheist, and well my heart melts. 😉 When I voted you were at a 51% win so far, far far ahead of everyone else.

    P.S. There is a self organizing conference in March called BilConference (.com) and it coincides with TED. It would be great to have an atheist speaker there (you!) talking about the importance of bridging communication between atheist and xian communities, or whatever you wanted to talk about really.

  • Maria

    I voted for you and it looks like you are winning 🙂

  • Aj

    PZ is handsome, but is he young and dashing? I think not, the vote goes to you Hemant, good sir, sexy is as sexy does. However, if Rebecca Watson was on the list… sorry, no dice, skepchick takes all.

  • Robin

    As of right now, Hemant and PZ are tied for first place.

    The whole college professor thing has always gotten me hot and bothered, so I’m afraid I’ve gotta go for PZ. Hemant’s nice and all, but too young.

  • Mriana

    You’re winning! 😀 Well PZ is very close though. 🙁

  • Uh oh, PZ caught on and sent his horde of readers over there, and now he’s pulled ahead. It’s time for extreme measures!

  • Sorry Hemant, I just had to vote for Greta.
    I guess I’m off your greeting card list. 🙁

  • Mriana

    What’ll we do? 🙁 Linda hasn’t voted, I don’t think. Who else hasn’t voted? Everyone here, and men who are so inclined, need to get over there and vote for Hemant.

  • julie marie

    Hemant got my vote.

  • What’ll we do? Linda hasn’t voted, I don’t think.

    How d’you know that, Mriana? 😯
    Well, Hemant, I finally caught up with the thread and, yes, voted! I have to say, after a close examination of the other nominees, you got my vote!

    Anyway, I just don’t get how PZ is sexy. I’ve never seen his blog until just now, but what makes him “sexy?”

  • Mriana

    Linda said,

    February 16, 2008 at 6:46 am

    What’ll we do? Linda hasn’t voted, I don’t think.

    How d’you know that, Mriana? 😯

    😆 I’m psychic. 😈

  • hey- we should persuade Sean the Blogonaut to get in the calendar – he is cool in his dark glasses – and Australian lol 🙂

  • Julie

    I voted for you. Friendly = sexy.

  • Milena

    I voted for you, Hemant. You’re ahead of PZ by 4% right now. Gosh, this is almost as exciting as the primaries. Hell, it’s even more exciting, because we finally get to vote for an atheist!

  • Karen

    Hell, it’s even more exciting, because we finally get to vote for an atheist!

    LOL! And this may be our only chance, so we’d better grab it. Hemant, you got my vote.

  • Kate

    I voted for you, Hemant!!!

  • I voted for you too!

    It looks like you’re slightly ahead of P. Z. even though he sent in his minions. It’s almost as though his own minions think you’re sexier than he is. 😉

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