Atheist Kryptonite February 13, 2008

Atheist Kryptonite

I especially like how “Believe in God” is trademarked…


(via My Confined Space)

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  • Reminded me of this excellent short story by Greg Egan where there really was a chemical basis for faith. You can read the complete story here:

  • “Believe in God” is a trademark name?! Damn! Now what am I supposed to name my genitalia?!

  • Rovakur

    Huffing can lead people to “believe” a lot of things… 🙂

  • Samuel Skinner

    The liberators is a good name. Also winky, always ready, dauntless… you get the idea.

  • It comes in breathspray form?

    Probably tastes icky, so they’ll need to add different flavors. Minty, orange, strawberry. Maybe a frankencense(sp?) one as well, for the fans of the virgin birth story thing.

  • robin

    I think the “Believe in God” Lube would have made a lot more converts.

  • incredulous mcgee

    I can’t believe people still post the products from BlueQ as if they’re real.

    Every three months a new online meme hatches, and I’m amazed people are still so damned gullible. My girl works in a kitschy crap store and sells all this stuff…

    Check more out here :

    All their “Jesus” related stuff is purely for jokes.

  • v

    I don’t think “believe in God” is trademarked; I think it is just “God”.

    The God of minty fresh breath!

  • incredulous mcgee said,
    Check more out here :

    Damn!!! I wish I knew about that link BEFORE Valentines day!!!

  • Equine potamuse

    This brings to mind the trademarked phrase that used to be on the bottom of boxes of Kimberly-Clark corporation’s Kleenex tissues (and may be still; I don’t have a box handy):

    Kleenex says “Bless You!”tm

  • Is this for real?? This has got to be a joke somebody made up. Nobody could be serious when making this stuff.

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