90 Day Jane Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet February 13, 2008

90 Day Jane Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

I recently wrote about the 90 Day Jane blog. The blog is the (supposed) brainchild of “Jane,” a girl who is going to kill herself in about three months and is counting down the days.

A reader created a wonderful response: the 25000 Day Arthur blog.

He’s going to kill himself in 25000 days:

Day 25000

Err, ate a meatball sub for lunch. Went to the gym and ran 6k in 30 minutes – pretty pleased about that. I can’t get that bloody Mika song out of my head (Relax! Take it eeeeaaaaaaaaaasy, for there is nothing that we can do!) I plan to go to the cinema later on and watch ‘Jumper’. Will tell you tomorrow if it’s any good. Only 24999 days to go…

I have a feeling this is going to get *really* good on Day 21658.

And I’ll save you the math. It’s about 68.5 years.

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  • Justin

    I’d watch out trying to play that video — it looks like it’s trying to trick you into downloading a virus.

    Earlier today that “Day 0” post said something about shutting the site down and the video was unavailable. I’m suspicious that somebody else registered that blog name and has put up the fake video.

    Do NOT run that file that tries to download.

  • Apparently 90DayJane was a hoax, or as she calls it, a project:

    90DayJane was meant to mirror the tragic figure, Christine Chubbuck. Newscaster Christine Chubbuck committed suicide in 1974 by shooting herself in the head live on air.

    The first comment on her coming out says it all…

    …Just like your generation, can’t finish anything they start…

  • Dammit! After I read the last post of the 90 Day Jane, I think she revealed it as a hoax yesterday, (I’m not sure what she meant from what she said) I was going to make a blog 100 Year Reed. This fellow beat me to it! Damn damn damn.

  • yea , 90 day Jane is a hoax it’s on Gawker.com..was an art project ..lame..

  • Gawker has the article under Webtards..lol and their is quite a provocative pick of miss fake gloriful death.

  • You know… I hate to be a buzzkilll… but I can’t help but think about how the anti-atheist mainstream media would cover this story if 90-day-jane ends up killing herself. I’m sure they’d love to throw in a soundbite about how an atheist blog ridiculed her plight…

    I think it’s silly, too, and don’t think very highly of Jane, but considering what’s at stake, I’m a little wary of taking it too lightly.

  • Oh. I should have read the above comments.

  • I just noticed an ad up in the corner.

    “Atheist Chat Room
    Hey Atheists! Come chat with other Atheists who think just as you do ”

    I think their marketing department needs to spend more time with their target audience.

  • What a shame, let’s get her back on the bandwagon:


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