If You Open Your Mind Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out February 11, 2008

If You Open Your Mind Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out

A terrific (and short) song by Tim Minchin:

(Thanks to Julie for the link!)

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  • The lyrics are just so simple, aren’t they?

  • AJ

    From Mark Watson Makes the World Substantially Better (BBC Radio 4):

    My Neighbour’s Ass by Tim Minchin

    My ass is getting me down
    People laugh behind their hands when I take it into town
    It used to be tough and hard working and strong
    But now it is graying and it’s long since been long past its prime
    But it was such a good ass in its time

    And just to rub salt in the wound
    My neighbour has an ass that would make Tatiana swoon
    It’s so broad that it’s almost impossible to straddle
    He had to get a custom made saddle

    I know that envy’s a sin
    But his ass is so muscular
    While mine is so thin
    I know it’s immoral to covet
    But just one day with his ass oh god I would love it
    Oh lord my savior, would you do me a favour
    I just want an ass like my neighbour


    I want my neighbour’s ass
    ’cause my neighbour has
    A real nice ass
    I want my neighbour’s ass
    ’cause my neighbour has
    A real nice ass

    (repeat chorus)

    My ass was once strong as an ox
    People could easily ride it from dawn until dusk
    It never once borked at a plow
    It was hearty and handsome
    But now I’m afraid a disaster
    I had to put it out to pasture

    I should be happy at the ass that god gave me
    To look a gift ass in the mouth is a sin
    I really should look on the bright side
    It’s such a big job
    Breaking a brand new ass in

    I know that envy is wrong
    But my ass is so pathetic while his is so strong
    In the old days my ass brought me kudos and fame
    Now my ass just brings me shame
    Oh lord lord my savior
    Forgive my behavior
    I can’t but covet the ass of my neighbour


    (repeat chorus)

  • Eliza

    Thanks for posting the song by Tim Minchin! Great lyrics, and great breath control!

  • Renacier

    I smell ringtone!

  • JeffN

    I can label that video in one word LAME. 🙂

  • Does anyone know the origin of the expression “If your mind is too open, your brain will fall out”? I’ve been trying to pin it down for years, so far without success.

  • JeffN

    I suggest duct tape.

  • Anonymous

    I suspect that the original, or at least an earlier use of that expression is by Terry Pratchett. (He’s certainly made a couple of similar comments: one of his characters comments that the trouble with an open mind is that people keep trying to fill it out, and another that her mind is so flexible that she could pull it out of her ears and tie it in a knot.)

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