Jesus’ Bar Mitzvah February 7, 2008

Jesus’ Bar Mitzvah

I help coach the Speech Team (a.k.a. Forensics Team) at my high school. It’s very competitive. There are hundreds of people all across Illinois vying to become state champion in each of the 13 different events. Sectionals is this weekend, and hopefully, we’ll be sending a number of kids to the State finals next weekend.

One of the events in Speech is called Original Comedy. Essentially, you write the script and play all of the characters yourself, “popping” between different ones.

Here’s a video of last year’s state champion in the event, Colin Delaney. He does a piece about Jesus celebrating his 13th birthday. Along the way, he portrays God, Mary, Joseph, Lazarus, and several other Biblical characters. It’s surprisingly not offensive (at least, I didn’t think it was). And there are a *ton* of great one-liners.

The sound quality’s not terrific, but you should be able to hear everything… enjoy!

(And if you want to watch another Original Comedy — one that took 3rd in state to Colin’s 1stJon Sokolow‘s piece doesn’t involve religion and has terrific sound quality. And it’s hilarious.)

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  • I feel so deprived! In Texas, we had Humorous Interpretation, in which we were only allowed to use pubished material ‘of literary merit’. I was voted down once because I had the temerity to use a Mad Magazine parody for my HI…

  • Wow, I love Mary and Joseph. This kid’s awesome.

  • Great execution, and what a range!

  • Maria


  • Vincent

    Funny, but he made the same mistake so many people make and it always bugs me:

    “I wish I’d never been immaculatey conceived at all”

    Well, good YOU WEREN’T!

    Immaculate conception refers to Mary having been born without original sin.
    There is no general term for the conception of Jesus because the belief is that he was placed there by the Holy Spirit. There is the virgin birth and the incarnation, both refer to Jesus, but Immaculate Conception refers to Mary.

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