Ben Stein and Expelled February 7, 2008

Ben Stein and Expelled

Hehe 🙂 This made me laugh:


The movie is coming out soon…

(via Bay of Fundie)

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  • That is the best thing I’ve seen this week.

  • Joe

    Funny, but Ben does Clear Eyes commercials, not Visine. 😉

  • the Shaggy

    Funny, but Ben does Clear Eyes commercials, not Visine 😉

    Do you now see how Big Science works hard to misrepresent its opponents?!

  • JimboB

    Here’s another Ben Stein pic on facebook. Very humorous.

  • Yossarian

    Actually, I think that it’s Visine over Clear Eyes is half the joke?

    At least, that’s what made me chuckle.

  • Maria

    and to think I used to like him……..

  • Blind faith in evolution. Sorry, no visine for that. The truth is that if we just examine the giraffe and its specialized mechanisms in Dr. Jobe Martin’s Documentary “Animals that defy evolution” we know that Darwinism is dead. Jobe points out that the giraffed would have died long ago and gone extinct before the evolutionary process would have given it all the necessary specialized components that enable the giraffe to put its neck up high and down for a drink in a pond. ID has done all the work and people who oppose Ben Stein’s Expelled are doing so out of loyalty no facts. Examine the science at the sites ALL ABOUT GOD and ALL OF THE ANSWERS and see if you still want to be in the Darwinism brainwashing cult that hails to the god of atheism.

  • god of atheism

    Ha ha, that’s funny.

  • sabrina

    god of atheism.

    Oh no, theres a god of atheism! I’ve been doing it wrong:(


    Sexual selection is a more valuable explanation for the evolution of the long neck.Behavioral analysis, courtship rituals, fossil data, and anatomical scaling all provide support for this type of evolutionary model.First, giraffe males use their necks in combat which determines hierarchy among male herds.The bull male with the longest neck gains access to estrous females and, thus, passes his “long-neck-genes” to the next generation.With geological time the giraffe species would tend to show increased neck length.Second, since mainly necks are used in necking this would give rise to asymmetric increase of the neck over other body parts which in fact is observed.Third, males have larger necks than females of the same body mass, hence there is sufficient evidence that necks are maintained by sexual selection.It can be concluded that neck elongation via sexual selection provides the strongest evidence for the evolution of the giraffe’s neck.

    Here’s the link to the paper:

    It would be so much easier to talk to creationists if they would just learn how to use google:)

  • Siamang

    Notice that P Villarreal’s name links to

    Isn’t that religion in a nutshell? We’ve got all of the answers, no need to, as sabrina says, use Google or anything to check your facts.

    P Villarreal, if you’re reading this, you don’t have all the answers. You don’t even seem to be asking the right questions.

    Atheism doesn’t have all the answers either. But around here we do tend to ask some interesting questions. But anyone who claims to have all the answers is fooling themselves and nobody else.

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