Help Send “Indian Gurubuster” to TAM6 February 6, 2008

Help Send “Indian Gurubuster” to TAM6

Maria (aka Masala_Skeptic) is trying to send Basava Premanand to The Amaz!ng Meeting 6 in Las Vegas this summer.

She writes:

Premanand founded the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations, which tours the villages of India to educate people by debunking gurus and fakirs.

I think it would be fascinating to hear from this man who has spent his life working directly against woo and pseudoscience in a very real sense.
Unfortunately, at this time, the JREF cannot financially support him coming to the U.S. from India.

We are not taking donations for the fund at this time – only pledges, which are due by March. The goal is $7,000 – not an easy target, i know.

If you can help, feel free to contact Maria here.

You can also find links to video of Premanand in action at that site.

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