Frank Interview with Richard Dawkins February 6, 2008

Frank Interview with Richard Dawkins

The Clinton School of Public Service (at the University of Arkansas) just released copies of its new publication Frank.

The publication… embodies the Clinton School’s philosophy of straight forward, practical solutions through its “Academics for the Real World” curriculum.

Joseph Ballard interviewed Richard Dawkins in the premier issue.

FRANK: What would the “Richard Dawkins School of Public Service” look like?

[RICHARD DAWKINS]: It would probably be similar to this school (Clinton School), but it might have a bit less emphasis on the nuts and bolts of public service in politics and economics, and a bit more emphasis on educational aspects in encouraging people to open their eyes to the beauty of the world in which they live.

FRANK: When you leave this world in triumph, as you have stated before, what legacy would you like to leave?

RD: I would like people to question everything, think for them-selves, always ask for evidence, never retreat behind the wall of faith, use the scientiic way of thinking to appreciate the world in which they live and try to leave the world a better place than they found it—not just using science but using all of human resources as well.

There are a lot of great answers in there.

You can read the full interview here (PDF).

And just send an email here if you’d like to receive a free hard copy of the new magazine,

(Thanks to Brett for the links!)

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