Traci the Atheist and 300 Christians February 5, 2008

Traci the Atheist and 300 Christians

Traci (of Traci and Beth), an atheist, spoke at a church in front of over 300 Christians about her beliefs last week.

Her husband was slightly worried before the experience:

Because we live in a very Christian state in this very Christian nation and within it, a very Christian suburb, my husband’s first question when I told him I’d been invited to talk about the Beth and Traci project at Grace Community Church was, “Are people going to burn down our house?”

I laughed at that. He said, “No. Seriously.”

Traci went anyway. And it apparently went well.

The podcast (MP3) is now available so you can listen to the conversation.

I haven’t listened to it yet, but I have a snowy drive home from work ahead of me…

What’s not on the podcast?

This entertaining encounter Traci had with one of the churchgoers after the mainstage event:

In no time through the lingerers a woman with exclamation points for eyes bounded up and spilled, “One of my good friends is a Satan-worshiper and a prostitute!”

Of course she is…

Can’t wait to hear the download.

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  • I really enjoyed the podcast.

    Hemant, I think you’ll appreciate how respectful the pastor is of Traci. As you know, it isn’t always like that when a Christian interviews an atheist.

  • I read this blog a lot but haven’t ever replied. Wanted to say thanks for sharing. I can’t wait until I have a chance to listen to the podcast, since I know several people from this church.

    Hope you’ll forgive my cynacism, but I just hope she doesn’t find herself too sold by “how nice they are.” That’s great and all, but it doesn’t make what they believe any more reasonable, and it’s no garauntee of how they’ll act in the future in regards to belief.

    I suppose they save the less-than-friendly stuff for the people who are part of it and then leave, though. Guess they figure they don’t have a chance with them, might as well not try.

  • Beth

    Thanks, Hemant, for enjoying Traci’s and my adventure. You help keep us going.

  • PrimateIR

    A Satan worshiper? So she’s a Christian then.

  • There’s a video of their interview up now also – here – the segment with them begins at around 37 mins with a video of Jim Henderson, then they come on stage at about 41 mins.

  • Siamang

    Why does the blog post title make me think of the Ben Folds 5 song “One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces”?

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