Even WORLD Admits It Now February 5, 2008

Even WORLD Admits It Now

I just thought some of you might like to know that I was recently interviewed by ultra-conservative Christian news magazine WORLD, for an article entitled “Young evangelicals leaving conservatism”. I thought the writer did a fair job of representing me and other progressive Christians, though some of the comments posted below the article are rather amusing.

At any rate, it’s encouraging that now even the mouthpieces of the Religious Right are willing to admit that they are losing my generation.

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  • ash

    see, now that’s what i call active opposition…go Mike!

    the commentators bothered me tho…there seemed to be a general concensus that it was ok not to vote republican purely on the basis that they were never gonna get abortions made illegal. *headdesk*

  • Karen

    Geez, and they think atheists are angry and argumentative!? That place is a doctrinal shark tank over there!

    Good on you, Mike C. I thought you came across very well in that article, even though it was awfully brief. There was a lot more they could have discussed if they made the item a little more in-depth.

    But were you really a Limbaugh-lover? Ugh …. say it ain’t so!

    I was a tried-and-true evangelical, but I was never a political conservative. Somehow my inner independent thinker prevailed in my political judgments, if not in the area of religion, even though my mom’s family were so right-wing they were John Birchers!

  • Very nice article. Good work, Mike.

  • Siamang

    Whooo… reading those comments on that thread. There’s a lot of people wanting to tear right into you for daring to be friends with Brian MacLaren, or having a different view of the Gospels, or being a progressive, or daring to think ill of religio-conservative-republicanism.

    They just want to get you in the middle of a dogfight scrum, so they can pick at you for being nonbiblical, emergent, postmodern, hey just whatever they can get on you. They treat nonconformity, individuality, anti-authoritarianism as, worse than a sin… as a weakness I guess.

    The only way to beat them is to get in a pissing match and try to out-Jesus them… which I notice you have either the wisdom or the serenity not to do.

    I seem to remember hearing about a dude who lived about 2000 years ago who was a serious nonconformist. I wonder if they’ve ever heard of that guy.

  • Joann

    Okay, so I’m a Christian and not an atheist, but I’m also not afraid to think for myself. I am neither a conservative or a liberal, just an evangelical moderate who looks at both sides of every issue and agrees with all of the good points that seem to make perfect sense. For an example, take the abortion issue. I oppose abortion and am very Pro-Life, but I would never want to control a woman’s body and prevent her from making a decision that she feels is right for her. But I also oppose the death penalty and gun ownership and support human euthanasia and surgical sterilization, simply because I don’t see why a child should have to suffer if its parents can’t or won’t take care of it, especially if the irresponsible parents never change and wind up overburdening our state with too many unwanted children, and why we should force a terminally ill patient to live when saving their life only causes them more pain and suffering. After all, if we can spade and neuter animals to help control the pet population and put an animal to sleep when it is suffering, then I don’t see why we can’t do the same to humans. I also believe that you can’t call yourself Pro-Life if you oppose abortion, then turn around and support the death penalty and gun ownership. Plus, as long as you don’t use them to cause an abortion, I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with women using birth control methods to help them plan their pregnancies. However, because of my beliefs, both political and otherwise (I also support masturbation but oppose homosexuality, gay marriage, and gay parenting; however, I believe that we should accept others as they are whether we agree with them or not and not judge or condemn anyone who are different), a lot of very conservative Christians will make me out as the heretic in need of repentance just because I don’t agree with everything that they tell me. By the way, I also oppose embryonic stem cell research, mainly because medical science have recently found ways to use stem cells without having to destroy human embryos, but also because I am, once again, very Pro-Life. However, just like with the abortion issue, I would never try and stop someone from receiving their life-saving treatment just because I oppose the use of embryonic stem cells. Do you see where I am getting at? What I am trying to say is, very conservative Christians can’t seem to mind their own business, so they feel they have to go and change the world by making us all into something we’re not. And if we don’t comply? Well, then, I guess there’s fire and brimstone for us “heretics.” Great piece, Mike!

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