I Guess They Don’t Want Me to Visit… February 1, 2008

I Guess They Don’t Want Me to Visit…

What are they going to do to visitors…?


As Pastor Shawn Lovejoy (Reverend Lovejoy?!) writes:

This picture got me thinking: What are the things our church is doing that says: “Church Members ONLY” or “Outsiders Unwelcome?”

(via Floating Axhead)

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  • Yea, but don’t you now want to join that church so you too can park there?
    Membership has its privileges!!!

  • Jen

    I might be willing to go to church if the paster was the Rev. Lovejoy. That would be awesome.

    Also, if I was the church, I would probably make the sign say, “Member parking only. All others will be sent to Hell.”

  • severalspeciesof

    What’s ironic is that the pastor should pose that question to God, not the church. (Maybe ironic isn’t the proper term here, but I think you can catch my drift)

  • Mriana

    This picture got me thinking: What are the things our church is doing that says: “Church Members ONLY” or “Outsiders Unwelcome?”

    One doesn’t have to have a sign to say certain people are not welcome- members or otherwise. Behaviour and words between two members in front of the one not welcome can do it too.

    I remember one incident that took place about a year ago, during the ice storm. Although I just barely attended (maybe once or twice a year at best by that time) I needed a place with heat because my power went out. My older son stayed else where and I think I understand now. My younger son was in treatment for behaviours at the time.

    Right on the phone, the person I was staying with said to the priest, “I know. If Joseph were with her, I couldn’t have put her up. No one could.”

    Translation: If she had her autistic son, the two of them could have froze to death in the ice.

    So, much for love and compassion. I didn’t go back to church and I haven’t spoken to any of them since then. My younger son isn’t as awful as they make him out to be either. OK yes, I had to get him more help than I was able to give him, but I thought is was cruel to talk about people like that, esp in front of them. To be so uncaring about a person with a mental illness or what have you, to the point you’d let them freeze to death after a State disaster, is inhumane. 🙁 They could have helped us get into a shelter or something. OR were they afraid they’d be sicking a rabid dog on the other people who lost heat and electricity in their homes after that disaster?

    Obviously, my family was not welcome and now I understand why my older son chose not to stay with me. I have no plans to return either, not even for help in a disaster. Wonder if the Wiccan member, who kept it hush-hush that he was Wiccan, told everyone I am a Humanist while he was at it? I never devulged his secret to those at church, but I suspect he eventually did mine, which is a bit unfair, IMO. I put up with his Wiccan superstitions, Wiccan symbols, and alike, not to mention all the saintly icons, for a freaking week and never complained once, devulged his little secret, or said he was a superstitious boob, yet I that’s the treatment I got before it was all over.

    Nice welcome mat sign they all have. 🙄 Even so, I’m not going to go up to the church and tell them that said member knows the saints are just pagan gods and that he claims to be a Warlock. What good would it serve me? They already shut me out anyway and for all I know, they’d probably throw in my face that since I don’t believe, I was just using them for social time. I can find that else where though and probably where my family and me would be more welcomed too. More than likely with other Humanists, IF I could find them.

  • Was this sign from a shared parking lot? A church I used to attend had a separate office building (they had their worship services in a local school) that shared a very small parking lot with about three other businesses. Every business got a few designated spots in the lot and each of them had a sign like this so that non-customers or staff from the other businesses would know not to park there. The church had these signs too so that at least a few spots would remain open so the church office staff wouldn’t have to park in the metered spots on the street all day long. They weren’t trying to be exclusive, it was just logistics.

  • JeffN

    Not all churches are created equal. I have been to some where they would give you the shirt off there backs to help you and I have been to others where you would find more camaraderie in a bar.

  • Thanks for the link and the thoughts on my sign. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Actually sounds like we think a lot alike! My goal in life is changing the way people think about church by doing it differently than my colleagues with the sign. STAY IN TOUCH!

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