A General Rule for Airline Pilots… January 30, 2008

A General Rule for Airline Pilots…

… Don’t go crazy and start screaming that you want to talk to God in the middle of a flight.

It scares people.

An Air Canada flight made an emergency landing in the Irish Republic after a pilot apparently suffered a breakdown.

A passenger said the pilot was carried from the plane shouting and swearing, saying he wanted to talk “to God”.

One of the passengers, Sean Finucane, said he saw the co-pilot being carried into the cabin in restraints.

“He was very, very distraught. He was yelling loudly at times,” he told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

“He was swearing and asking for God and very distressed. He basically said he wanted to talk to God.”

(via New Humanist)

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  • Samuel Skinner

    Don’t you know what Dave Barry believes? Never fly a plane with a pilot who believes in an afterlife.

  • Arlen

    That’s a pretty bad deal; it had to be scary for everybody. I hope that the guy is okay.

  • Idiots like that should simply get out of the gene pool without dragging (or attempting to drag) others along with them.

  • Does the mention of god magically turn the victim of a nervous breakdown into an idiot?

  • Dysentery

    Yeah, if you’ve ever flown Air Canada then you know where he’s coming from. They’re trying so hard to maximize profits, they probably put a kid’s seat right behind him and the kid was screaming the whole way. After a few hours of that, you’d be looking for god too.

  • grazatt

    Does the mention of god magically turn the victim of a nervous breakdown into an idiot?

    No , it just ices the cake. For us at least!

  • BZ

    “No, it just ices the cake.” Someone going insane is not a good thing. This is less a comment on atheism than a “haha look at the crazy guy” comment.

  • grazatt

    yer no fun

  • Dawn,

    No…I was just snickering about someone who would be better off out of the gene pool. 🙂

  • What I wonder is why our host thought a sudden bout of genuine mental illness was funny? He’s usually more decent than that. 🙁

  • A raving, mentally insane comedic fundie. It doesn’t get any better than that!

  • J.J. – Agreed. The post and subsequent comments have been depressing.

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