Atheist Group’s Logo Gets Vandalized January 27, 2008

Atheist Group’s Logo Gets Vandalized

About ten years ago at the University of Minnesota, administrators wanted to discourage vandalism on a particular footbridge. They began a tradition where campus student groups could “Paint the Bridge” with their logo, meeting info, etc. It was a way to promote your group while supporting campus pride at the same time.

Campus Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists (CASH) have taken part in this project for years. You can see what they painted here and here.

But it looks like the goal of preventing vandalism hasn’t worked. Someone messed with CASH’s paintings and inserted religious symbols and messages (“JESUS RULES”) into the images.

Here’s what they look like now (I circled the symbols in the bottom picture):

CASH Painting 1

CASH Painting 2

No, its not the end of the world, but it just another example of (presumably) religious people attacking atheists who have done nothing to warrant this sort of treatment.

Odds are the culprit(s) won’t be caught. But hopefully, the leaders of the religious groups on campus will send a message to their members that this type of “display of faith” will not be tolerated.

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  • Typical. I guess this is a pretty common problem. The thing is, I wouldn’t even consider any such vandalism on the multiple Christian groups on campus, yet they don’t hesitate.

  • I see this every day when I walk across the bridge.

    In a way it makes our point even more forcefully — the pristine paintings of the dozens (I counted more than thirty) of religious groups on campus refute any claims of moral superiority or “Christian persecution”.

  • The Unbrainwashed

    Might i play devil’s advocate here. Yes I agree that the attack was unwarranted, but I think many Christians would consider it provoked. Atheism is critical to religion and thus inherently opposed to it. The presence of the atheist group is like them saying “We’re against you.”

  • Colin

    So typical, these are the people who lose their heads when they see the Darwin fish on my car. I’ve had people cut me off, swear at me, and tell me I’m going to burn in hell. All because of what I choose to believe. Who is the persecuted one.

  • I’d wager that most Christians on campus are embarrassed by this because they realize it makes them look petty and intolerant. The best thing they probably could do at this point to enhance their own image would be to speak out on CASH’s behalf. I hope some of them will realize that and do so.

  • Siamang


    All the more reason why we must fight this “culture of entitlement” that pervades religion. It’s their God, it’s His planet, and so they feel they have the right to do anything they want on earth. Including destroying it. Every knee will kneel, every nation, tongue and tribe, baby. The world is theirs, we’re just allowed to live in it so long as we don’t get too uppity about it.

  • BZ

    Yeah, my guess is it was just one moron who decided to do this on his/her own, not a decision by one of the christian groups.

  • Jen

    Yes I agree that the attack was unwarranted, but I think many Christians would consider it provoked. Atheism is critical to religion and thus inherently opposed to it. The presence of the atheist group is like them saying “We’re against you.”

    That’s why Democrats are allowed to stab Republicans, cause they are different from each other. And Christians can burn gay people- the mere fact that they exist is a form of torture for those poor Christians. And that is why I kill every man I meet.

    I mean, I am sure you don’t really believe that. And I am not sure why Christians get to ‘other’ the atheists- whose to say we didn’t exist first?

    I am not so sure it wasn’t organized by a campus group. I have met some Christians in my day who felt perfectly fine lying, cheating, and stealing to promote their lord. It’s chilling.

  • Arlen

    Having been to college and having seen drunk people vandalize all sorts of things, this doesn’t particularly surprise me. It does surprise me that so many people here are quick to call it a conspiracy or say that this single, stupid action is somehow indicative of the nature of theism. I also think it is silly that the advertisement presents a ridiculous false dichotomy (I don’t think many people would say that Christians reject math or chemistry), but that’s certainly not to say that it deserves to be defaced.

  • The Unbrainwashed

    No I don’t agree with what I said above, but I’m just stating what the average Christian might think in response.

  • I would guess there is no real public outcry about this. However let some teenager paint 666 on the side of a church and watch the community rally.

  • It is no surprise that it was vandalized. What I find interesting is how it was vandalized. The culprits appear to be suffering from some sort of religious delusion. I hope they receive mental health treatment.

  • Kellie

    To the members of CASH: On behalf of those of us who love Christ and try to live according to his example, I apologize for the defacement of you sign. It was uncalled for. We ask you forgiveness. Please do not judge all Christians by the actions of this unknown vandal.

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