A Collection of Atheist Quotations January 23, 2008

A Collection of Atheist Quotations

A collection of some thought-provoking quotations about atheism and religion, set to dance music — what else would you expect from someone named TranceDevotee?

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  • The Unbrainwashed

    Fantastic video. A number of those quotes I have never seen before. That’s saying something considering I’ve spent many sleepless hours in the past three years reading these same type of atheist quips.

    Although, I am always somewhat apprehensive when I see Nietzsche included in a collection of atheist quotes, especially when his quote involves the concept of faith. Yes he rejected religion and its corresponding supposed strangehold on morality, but he also had some pretty crazy, non-materialistic ideas.

  • Jen

    Fantastic. I wish someone (else) would type those all out so I could rotate them on my facebook and really annoy some people.

  • Jen, there is in fact a daily atheist quote application. (link)

  • ash

    you might also be interested in this thread for more quotes (although i visit this site occasionally, i never stay – most commentators are both rude + mental, whatever their non/beliefs)

  • Here’s another fun vid I bumped into earlier today: Smak dem Christians down

  • Mriana

    I think it was Susan B. Anthony, but one of them talked about religion oppressing women. This reminding me of what I saw waiting for the campus shuttle yesterday.

    In 5 min. time I saw 3 or 4 women enter the university building I was waiting in to keep warm. All wore the hajab (spelling?), bodies fully covered with what looked similar to habits (what nuns wear). One was without a doubt with her husband and small son. Her face and head completely covered and she too wore what looked similar to a habit. Only thing showing were her beautiful eyes surrounded by a nice dark complexion. I thought, it’s a shame she must hide such beauty. Is she really afraid she will be raped without it? Will her husband beat her to death if she doesn’t wear it? Why does it seem Muslim men don’t have their brains in their skulls, but down much lower? Why does it seem these men are so primitive in thought that they see the fur, the crowning glories on women’s heads as a turn on? I think a lion’s mane is quite attractive and beautiful, but I know better than to touch it. Why is it a religion that’s so primitive in nature is believed by so many and instills unrealistic terror?

    Anyway, you get the picture as to what was running through my head as watched these women, each with their own intrinsic beauty hidden, enter the building, in separate groups with at least one male and mentally questioned their religion. If not for the cold, I would have taken off my hoodie to my sweat shirt and allowed my long hair to hang freely within their view in defiance of their primitive, oppressive, and archiac beliefs.

    However, I also felt sorry and sadden for these women. Oh they will tell you they are not oppressed and don’t feel oppressed, but if they fear rape and alike so much, scared to show their faces, and can never be without male companionship in public, they are lying to themselves and have been so deluded, as well as had so much fear instilled in them, that they feel more comfortable with the hajab and naked without it. They have been brainwashed since birth to accept the oppression and feel comfortable within it, yet fearful without it. It’s really terribly sad and while they do not feel the misery of religion, I feel it for them. 🙁

    I can only hope that such an oppressive, domineering, brainwashing, fear instilling, primitive religion does not take over the U.S. and/or Europe, because women like me would surely be the first to die and show that religion IS the source of misery. The problem is, few people may see that religion is the source of misery as they kill so many freethinking and independent women. 😥 And Christianity is not without it’s flaws towards women either- the more extreme the Christian beliefs, the more oppressed women are.

  • This Past Holiday my Grandmother who is a very intelligent wise devout Catholic got me the novel “The Old man and the sea” by: Ernest Hemingway And i had no clue why she would pick this book for me.

    After watching this video and discovering that he was obviously a very outspoken atheist, i wonder if she figured out my true non-beliefs??


  • Franchisu

    Really nice collection of atheist quotations (^)__(^)
    I’m not 100% sure though as how accurate they may be, but the points still persist.
    Here are some other weblogs I found:


  • This. Is. Awesome.

    Trance and Atheism, they go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Great find Hemant!

    On that same subject, remind me to post again, once I finish a trance piece I’ve been writing entitled, “Two Wings and No Prayer.”

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