Tribute to Charles Darwin January 16, 2008

Tribute to Charles Darwin

Luca Novelli, an Italian science writer, is “in the process of recreating Charles Darwin’s historic second voyage of HMS Beagle.”

The final stops will take place in February of next year, 200 years (to the month) after Darwin’s birth.

The Humanist Network News interviews Novelli in the latest issue:

What gave you the idea to do this?

In year 2000 I wrote a book for young people about Darwin, as part of a collection of biographies on great scientists, which is published worldwide, including Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish and other languages. I noticed that Darwin’s travel has been both the most important feature of his scientific life and a wonderful adventure. Moreover the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth was approaching in 2009.

How do you think [your personal impressions] compare with Darwin’s impressions?

Darwin visited the world at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Now, I am reporting about disappearing forests, melting glaciers and a spreading mankind that is greedy and absent-minded.

And while we’re on the subject, HNN also has some tips on how to get your city/town to issue a proclamation that February 12, 2008 is Darwin Day! They did just that in Albany, NY, where HNN is based.

For those seeking to have Darwin Day proclamations issued in their regions, Lange suggests that people contact local officials. Start with the mayor or town supervisor’s office and ask who handles proclamations. You’ll have better luck getting a proclamation passed if you write and submit a draft of the proclamation using the language from existing Darwin Day Proclamations as a starting point.

A sample proclamation can be found here.

Secular Coalition for America director Lori Lipman Brown also gets a nice quotation in the article:

“We applaud the ongoing efforts in New York State and throughout the U.S. to pass Darwin Day resolutions… Through our lobbying efforts, the Secular Coalition for America will soon see if the United States Congress, which was so quick to overwhelmingly support a resolution last month proclaiming the importance of Christmas and Christianity in the United States, will embrace a more reasoned acknowledgment of the importance of the scientific method and one of its most influential adherents, Charles Darwin.”

You can learn more about Darwin Day at the official website.

Start planning your parties now. (I’m watching my mailbox for the invites…)

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