Checkmate: Christians Win January 13, 2008

Checkmate: Christians Win

Edward Current has proven me wrong again:

This was the first time:

Damn you, Current. Your logic is impossible to refute!


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  • Kyle O’Brien

    I feel kind of stupid because I can’t tell if that’s satire or real.

  • Michael Fox

    Wow, too funny!

  • Bryce

    Ditto, Kyle!

    That’s the most hilarious shit I’ve seen in forever. I almost peed my pants. Is Current a writer for the Daily Show, because he should be… And if he is serious, then holy shit what a moron. Such impeccable logic in this one!!

  • Eliza

    Oh, my. I couldn’t tell if the more recent one was real or satire, either – kept going back and forth, but actually concluded it was probably real.

    The earlier one, and the link Hemant provided at the guy’s name, helped clear up my confusion. Good job!

  • Arlen

    Both are definitely satire. I’m both surprised and disappointed that people wouldn’t realize that. I’m not easily offended, but this sits right at that border for me.

  • Kyle O’Brien

    Eliza –

    Yeah, the second one made me think it’s completely satire. What’s sad is that there’s a question. Yep, I’ve dealt with people that use this logic time and time again. Literally. Of course, it’s generally not as funny or humorous.

  • ProudSinner

    If I didn’t know that that was satire, I’d want to invent a shock collar that is set to stun every time he says ‘checkmate’. That man is brilliantly annoying.

  • Eliza

    Both are definitely satire. I’m both surprised and disappointed that people wouldn’t realize that. I’m not easily offended, but this sits right at that border for me.

    Arlen, could you explain, what part of this borders on offensive for you? The videos themselves, or the fact that some people (myself included) had a hard time distinguishing real Christian arguments from satire?

    (I’d spent about a year reading a bunch of Christian apologist literature a few years back. I definitely recognized these arguments as being real ones some Christian apologists make.)

  • I wonder if he plays chess.

  • From the top video…

    Atheists, I hate to say it, but you all just took some cold hard logic up your godless behinds.

    This infers, of course, that Christians have a warm soft god up their righteous behinds? I always suspected their religion was a pile of shit, here’s proof. CHECKMATE!!!!!

    I vote satire. Soulpatches aren’t approved by any god.

  • Matt

    It’s hard to consider credible someone who centers their bullet points.

  • Milena

    Hehe, it’s definitely satire. You should check out his other videos. They’re hilarious.

  • Mriana

    This guy is insane! 🙄 And actually, I can refute some of his points. God didn’t predict anything. It was all written by humans and writers generally know where they are going to go with something they write and they know what they are using for the idea of another story.

    He’s totally living in a fantasy world.

  • Mriana

    IF this is parady, it’s pretty dumb. 🙄

  • Elsa

    I detect a little bit of a Stephen Colbert influence in that first (second?) video…just a smidge….

  • Well it is satire. I knew for sure after viewing some of his other you-tube videos. Its scary, though, that he was able to put some doubt in our minds at all. As I watched the first video, my first thought was that he needed to take the “God test” to better present his arguments… Then he just kept going “over the top”… It was funny, though, in a “rational response squad” kind-of way. I can see how some Christians would find his sarcasm offensive… Of course Christians should also be offended by their own kind making the same arguments. He just put all the typically heard bad arguments all in one video…

  • it took me a bit to realize that it was a joke.

    some people from around where i live are really that stupid.

  • Renacier

    Poe’s law at work, I suppose.
    “Has Albert Einstein ever crawled out from under your sofa? Checkmate!”
    I fell out of my chair. Brilliant.

  • Arlen


    Arlen, could you explain, what part of this borders on offensive for you?

    I was laughing along with the video, don’t get me wrong, but I worry that it didn’t make it clear enough that it was sarcasm. The sheer fact that so many people who saw it and bothered to comment on it here were confused about whether it was serious or not just shows that it wasn’t being very clear in it’s humor.

    Jeff is right; he takes the most tired, backward arguments made by the most extreme Christians and tries to pass them off as representative of Christianity as a whole. That’s what sits badly with me.

  • God knows everything except when you’re playing hide-and-go-seek (see Genesis 3:8-9):

    “Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the LORD God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the LORD God among the trees of the garden. But the LORD God called to the man, ‘Where are you?'”

    God doesn’t sound very omniscient in that passage.

  • Datedr92

    to reply God is  really saying step up come to be judge in a question

  • JesusToldmeGodIsDead

    lol. People who don’t understand logic or empirical processes claiming to refute both. nice. Keep proving evolution right you lemmings, and remember who was in charge during the “Dark Ages” (it was you idiots)

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