Beth and Traci Go To Church January 9, 2008

Beth and Traci Go To Church

Beth Bates (a Christian) and Traci Cumbay (an atheist) are beginning to go to women’s church ministries in Indiana together.

They’re blogging about their experiences at ChurchRater.

I’m already liking Traci’s ability to create new words:

Traci: The mingling with churchies while they’re all churched up intimidates me.

Beth: Stay close to me — I’ll be your ally. I won’t join them when we’re together.

Traci: You say that now, but we’ll get there and you won’t be able to resist the churchalicious pull and next thing you know you’ll be all “Jedediah 6:19? and “Psalms 22:3? and I’ll be asking where the vodka is.

Beth: I feel protective of you.

Traci: Thank goodness for that.

And Beth is eager to introduce Traci to her world:

The idea is for me, a long-time believer and veteran of women’s ministries, to function sort of as a tour guide for Traci, who admits to being enchanted by the idea of faith but born without the proper parts for believing.

Traci: Is “enchanted by faith” a phrase I used? Sounds like I yearn for it, which isn’t the case. More like “intrigued by faith.” Better still: “intrigued and mystified.”
Beth: I thought you said “enchanted.” I could be wrong.
Traci: I think you want me to be enchanted.
Beth: I don’t deny I have a desire for you to know and love Jesus, but I think “enchanted” might be ambitious. I can’t say that I’m always enchanted, particularly where church is concerned. Yes, I love me some rousing musical worship and insightful Bible teaching, but I’m more into God than “faith” or church. I think you’d dig Jesus, and I’d love for us to share the spiritual thing – not that our friendship is lacking. You know you had me at “restorative powers of Gomer Pyle.”

The first stop is Grace Community Church in Noblesville, Indiana. Traci is a bit apprehensive:

I couldn’t bring myself to write “bible study” in my calendar after Beth gave me the date and time for our first meeting. (Tonight. 6 p.m.) What if somebody saw? What if they thought I was into that? Instead I wrote “Grace CC” — an abbreviation for the destination church. It’s innocuous enough to leave my idiom intact, and my id.

This should be fun to watch 🙂

(via Conversation at the Edge)

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