The Black Candidate Lost New Hampshire! January 8, 2008

The Black Candidate Lost New Hampshire!

No, not Barack Obama. Not Alan Keyes. The other one.

Albert Benjamin Howard.


You know Albert Howard. He’s the guy who paid $1,000 and signed some papers to get on the New Hampshire primary ballot.

The guy who appeared on C-SPAN’s Lesser-Known Candidates Forum.

The guy who wrote a remarkably specific, prediction-making, self-promoting blog entry:

Albert Howard is a Michigan Republican Presidential Candidate on the road to the White House in 2008 from Ann Arbor, MI.

Honorable Albert Howard is the only 41 year old African American to file in the New Hampshire Primary Ballot in Concord on October 23, 2007.

Albert Benjamin Howard is the predicted landslide winner in the New Hampshire Primaries.

(Well, Obama is 46, so I guess Howard’s technically right…)

The guy who says this about Christianity:

The so called “christian churches” should immediately stop accepting tithes and offerings from their members until they can 100% and completely heal the sick, raise the dead and turn the world upside down as the biblical pattern commands. The modern day religious system is the largest and most corrupt organization that ever existed…

(Wait… what?! Wow.)

The guy who finished that same paragraph with the following sentences:

… The modern day religious system is the largest and most corrupt organization that ever existed. The life and times of John G. Lake. His effective healing ministry was just like the New Testament.

(Was that a sentence fragment? And “effective healing ministry“? That’s just oxymoronic…)

The guy who once said:

“The Angel of the Lord told me in January of 1992 that Hillary Rodham Clinton and I would meet and be running against each other and that she would lose.”

(Ummm… now you’re just delusional.)

The guy who was later pressed about that same comment:

What about that angel who spoke to him?

He did once meet Clinton, at the University of Michigan commencement ceremonies in 1997 where she spoke and he sang the national anthem. Now, he’s running against her for president.

Does Howard think the angel meant he would beat Clinton, or that someone else would?

“That’s just how it came to me,” he said. “I don’t know what it means.”

(He’s flip-flopping, I say.)

Alas… We have failed you, Albert.

You only got 0% of the vote.

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  • Richard Wade

    So how many votes did he get, one? Or did he remember to register?

    He’s making a distinction between “the religious system” on one hand and God stuff, angel stuff, spirit stuff, healing stuff, prophesy stuff, etc. etc. on the other. A lot of theologians do that. Albert is just a little more, uh, colorful about it.

    Good luck in South Carolina.

  • Oh, my lack of God.

    This guy is better than the guy in California who runs for lieutenant governor every election on the “legalize ferrets” platform.

    Ain’t democracy grand?

  • 81% of the New Hampshire primary ballot votes were rigged according to the Black Box Voting organization.

    During this election, newspapers and reporters have misquoted me in several instances. If you have a direct question for me ask me face to face or click the ‘contact us’ link on my website. Second hand revelations require no research on your part.

    With only 12% of the precincts reporting at around 20:23 PM I was clearly in a triple digit lead, then suddenly my campaign and major newspaper editors around the country noticed (and called me personally on the phone) that my numbers mysteriously dropped and my name was removed from national media broadcasts like C-SPAN.

    Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.

    Thank you for your time and all the great attention that I have received from your post!

    Albert Benjamin Howard

  • Kate

    hahahahahahhahaa who knew that Albert himself would comment. Hilarious!!!

    Albert, I was home in NH for three weeks up to the primary (ughhh). Political commercials non-stop, 12 political calls every 6 hours (no lie), and people knocking on our door asking for their vote. I didn’t hear a THING from your campaign. What gives?!

    Also Hemant – he has a “need prayer?” link on the main menu, where you can make a prayer request.

  • With only 12% of the precincts reporting at around 20:23 PM I was clearly in a triple digit lead

    A triple digit lead, huh? So, a few hundred votes? or do you mean you were winning by over 100%?

  • Kate

    Mike, maybe he means a triple digit lead in # of voters? Like, in the 100s? I couldn’t figure out a triple digit percentage lead at first but then I thought maybe he meant the number of actual votes.

    Who knows…!!!!

  • Erik

    And now he has joined Dennis Kucinich in demanding for a recount! Lets see how this one plays out…

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