Seminars for Atheist Parents January 6, 2008

Seminars for Atheist Parents

Dale McGowan, author of Parenting Beyond Belief, is offering a number of online seminars (webinars) for non-religious parents over the next few months.

Some of the seminar titles (along with topics that would be discussed) include:

  • Secular Family, Religious World
  • This seminar explores issues of secular parenting in a religious world, including

    * Helping kids to be religiously literate without indoctrination;
    * Dealing with church-state separation issues in schools;
    * Helping kids respond to the idea of hell and pressures from religious friends;
    * Hopeful signs for secular parents in the United States.

  • The Religious Extended Family
  • This seminar looks at ways to minimize conflict, resolve disputes, and turn seemingly unbridgeable gaps into benefits for the entire extended family.

  • The Art of the Question
  • This seminar explores ways in which secular parents can use the pivotal moment of the question to build an environment of boundless wonder and fearless inquiry for their children.

  • Raising Naturally Ethical Kids
  • This seminar describes the difference between commandments and principles and offers tips for encouraging children to be actively involved in their own moral development.

  • Death and Life
  • This seminar presents practical ways to help children begin a healthy and satisfying lifelong contemplation of mortality, using the Inversion Principle and the Improbability principle to flip the whole equation on its head. A healthy understanding of death can help our children envision life itself in an entirely new way—one that religion cannot hope to match for pure, astonished joy.

The cost for each seminar is $18. (Considering these types of seminars don’t happen all that often, it seems well worth it.) You can find out more information here.

You might also be interested in the general discussion groups about parenting that Dale will be hosting in the coming weeks.

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  • Karen

    Cool. My cousin’s been worrying about bringing up her toddler without some religious training. I’ve forwarded the information about these seminars to her.

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