Help the Secular Student Alliance This Year January 5, 2008

Help the Secular Student Alliance This Year

I’ve written before about how much the Secular Student Alliance has meant to me ever since I became more active about my atheism. (The SSA supports campus atheist groups across the country, giving them moral and financial support.) Their support allowed me to meet (and later work with) some of the movers and shakers in the atheist world, first as the leader of my school’s affiliate group and now as the chair of the SSA.

In the past year, the number of SSA’s campus affiliates have gone from 60 sustainable groups to nearly double that (currently 110).

With the support of member donations, we gave 48 students travel grants to attend the New Humanism conference at Harvard University in April.

Here are just a couple examples of what our affiliates did this past year:

  • Members of the Society for Humanistic, Intellectual and Free Thought (SHIFT) at the University of Kentucky participated in a 24 hour dance marathon and raised over $1,000 for the university’s pediatric oncology clinic to help children with cancer. They won recognition from the University for raising the second highest amount of money for a group of their size.
  • The Atheist, Agnostic and Freethinking Student Association at the University of Florida held a “Free Hugs” campaign, in which hugs were offered to passers by. This resulted in an article in the Gainesville Sun. The article contrasted the group’s friendliness with the hateful speech being spewed by a fundamentalist preacher who was on campus at the same time.

So I’ll make a plea to you.

A little over a year ago, I began donating $10 a month to the SSA to support the work that they did. I was still a student at the time and it was the first time I ever gave money to a non-profit, but I felt really proud to do it. It even encouraged me to give to other like-minded groups when I started working full-time.

I hope you’ll consider making a monthly donation to the Secular Student Alliance so we can keep this good work going. You will be helping the SSA with its mission: to “organize, unite, educate and serve students and student communities that promote the ideals of scientific rationality, secularism, democracy, and human based ethics.”

If you have the ability to do so, please consider giving more. But if you can even give just $5/month, it would tremendously help the SSA help our campus affiliates.

And, like before, if you give at the $10/month level or higher, let me know, and I will send you an autographed copy of I Sold My Soul on eBay with the inscription of your choosing!

Click the button below to give $50/month to the SSA via PayPal.

Click the button below to give $20/month to the SSA via PayPal.

Click the button below to give $10/month to the SSA via PayPal.

Click the button below to give $5/month to the SSA via PayPal.

If you’d like to make a one-time donation of any amount, you can do that as well. You can also use regular mail, via this form (PDF).

We appreciate your generosity.

If you’re a blogger, please consider linking to this post and encouraging others to give.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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