The Count Becomes an Atheist January 3, 2008

The Count Becomes an Atheist

Cectic combines math and atheism!



Yay! We have him!

The Count is *so* much cooler than Grover.

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  • vamp

    I have to “suck” this for my blog, of course with compliments to where I found it.

  • Ha! That is awesome!

  • The Count is my hero! Good find!

  • So y’all believe that The Count is an atheist! But do atheists believe that zombies exist/could exist?

  • Hang on a minute. As a vampire how can the Count stand to touch a holy book. Next he’ll be eating garlic and going out to sunbathe. Unless the truth about vampires has been hidden from us all these years…..

  • Imagining this all with the Count’s accent is just great.

    hoverFrog: He’s a purple vampire. What do you expect?

  • Cindy

    No dissing Grover!

  • J Sveda

    hoverFrog: Amswer could be as simple as that those traditional asssumptions about vampires (fear of cross/crucifix, garlic) are superstitions. But anything repeated zilion times will equal to truth/fact for most people. Propaganda and brainwashing work this way…

  • Mriana

    I love it! Where do you find these things, Hemant? 🙂

  • I love this comic! There are many literally LOL ones in the archives. Cectic also has a discussion forum on his site which I have posted too before. (Under my “TAG” handle.)

  • P.S.

    He recognizes atheism after being was rejected by every religion he investigated because none of them “fit” properly.

    Um…that alone might not be a healthy or logically defensible reason to reject divine or religious claims. Or maybe I’m just missing something here.

  • Mriana

    PS, the point is, two don’t like intellectuals (Catholics and Young Earth Creationists) and the other doesn’t like people who are different- this one based on blood. These things are quite typical of churches, but you are right, it isn’t a good basis for atheism. Explaining this though kills the humour.

  • Or maybe I’m just missing something here.

    You are missing that it is a comic. The cartoon characters should have been your first clue. 🙂

  • Chris

    I am a student who waits tables part time, and whenever I want to spice up my shift I begin telling the chef’s special in the voice of the count. “The salmon is served with TWO shrimp scampi and ONE side of green beans!” It always makes my day, especially to see the reaction of the people.

  • Larsen

    zack said:
    “So y’all believe that The Count is an atheist! But do atheists believe that zombies exist/could exist?”

    Well The Count is a vampire, not a zombie.
    And also, the existence of zombies (however unlikely) is not generally connectet to anything religious, but rather a virus of some sort*.

    * Exept for voodoo (witch is kind of a religion, though it does not involve any gods), and Jesus (who, though not considdered one, technically is a zombie, since he rose from the dead).

  • Vlad

    We used to have hundreds of gods, but now we are down to one. We are getting close to the right number.

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