Atheist Poetry Contest January 3, 2008

Atheist Poetry Contest

I don’t have any other information on this.

There’s no website for it that I can find.

I think the winner just gets published copies of their writing.

I’ll just put it out there:

Incarnate Muse Press is seeking poems for its second atheist poetry anthology. Confront, question, or deny the god of your youth, the sacred text of your culture. Express your disbelief, disapproval, doubt, or dismay. Looking for honest, thought-provoking poetry daring to speak against the social norm of belief and/or attempting to take the stigma from nonbelief. Interested in nontheism expressed positively rather than solely in opposition to theism. Avoid gratuitous vulgarity and unfocused anger. We feel that atheism is often defined too narrowly and inaccurately. “A theos” means “without god(s)”. If there is no god you believe in, if you are not a theist, you are, by literal definition, an atheist. These categories fit anthology also: “humanist”, “freethought”, “agnostic”, “biblical revisionist”, “sacrilegious”… Up to 6 poems, SASE. Incarnate Muse c/o Michelle Rhea P.O.Box 5756 Santa Barbara CA 93150 or (If emailing, put poems in body of text, not as attachment.) Please write “atheist” in your cover letter or email subject title. Pays copies. Deadline July 30, 2008. Need ideas? Send SASE for suggestions.

(via Brian Flemming)

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  • Stephen

    Sounds like they’re aiming for high schoolers. I, for one, don’t feel all that “daring” when I challenge social norms.

  • Do the limericks count?

  • A web search found some details of the previous volume, “Above Us Only Sky”, and bloggers whose poems were in it. Doesn’t look particularly sophomoric, just small-scale. I just dashed one off, based on an old blog entry I thought worth developing, and submitted it, so we’ll see what happens.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for posting our ad. It’s not a “contest”, however. We are seeking submissions for an anthology. Alas, there is no payment but for copies of the finished product which is rather common practice for small presses and self-publishing. We do plan to have a website up later this year. We have edited and self-published three poetry anthologies, one of those being “Above Us Only Sky”, our first atheist anthology, another was “Other Testaments”, an anthology of biblical revisionism. Among the many other wonderful poets we have included in our anthologies is Philip Appleman, Professor Emeritus of the Department of English at Indiana University. So, no, I don’t think we are targeting “high schoolers” or “sophomoric” poets…

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