The Rapture Will Happen in 2007! Wait a minute… January 1, 2008

The Rapture Will Happen in 2007! Wait a minute…

Shelby Corbitt thought the rapture was going to happen in 2007.

She had the website,, all set up. (***Update***: As of this moment, though, the site is down. Here’s a cache of the page before the year ended.)

She wrote a book, 2007, all about it.

She was pretty adamant about it.

And now — shocker of all shockers — we’re all still here. Jesus never showed up. God’s children are still on this planet.

But the best part is that we now get to see Corbitt try to explain why she was completely wrong. (Again, the site is now down.)

Her long, long, long explanation doesn’t make it better. She still thinks the Rapture is coming, but her timing was off.

TW at Why Don’t You Blog? offers these four possible explanations:

  1. God spoke to Shelby but lied through his holy teeth.
  2. God spoke to Shelby but was wrong.
  3. God didn’t speak to Shelby who was just delusional. He never healed Shelby and any resultant health was down to more natural causes.
  4. God didn’t speak to Shelby who just decided to milk thousands of idiots for some money to save having to go to work.

I’m going to go with number three.

And I’m trying really hard to wipe the smirk off my face…

By the way, is already up and running. I don’t think Corbitt has anything to do with it.

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  • Mriana

    They are insane delusional nutbags who need an anti-psychotic… each. A shot of haldol might do them some good.

  • Sarah H.

    I think they’re forgetting at least one possibility:

    God spoke to Shelby and Shelby, being a fallible human, misunderstood or misheard the message.

    I don’t think it’s any more likely to be true than 1 or 2, but I think it’s a fair option. False quad-otomies (lol) aren’t better than false dichotomies, such as C.S. Lewis’ “Either Jesus was a madman or he was telling the truth” argument.

  • Stephen

    When will doomsayers and end-time prophets learn never to use a specific date? If you just say “it will happen soon!” you can string people along forever. The New Testament did it, and people are still buying it 2000 years later!

  • Steven Carr

    The great Christian philosopher, Professor Alvin Plantinga, says that if Christians form beliefs by reading the Bible, those beliefs are ‘properly basic beliefs’, which don’t require any evidence to justify believing them.

    What tripe top Christian theologians talk!

  • Richard Wade

    This is why I think number 4 is the most likely explanation:

    Doomsday or its variants has been predicted by somebody every day for millennia. The only people who disappear after predicting “rapture” (which I understand has no mention in the Bible, correct me if I’m wrong) are the people who do the predicting. They vanish without a trace, along with whatever money they made while hawking their fantasies carefully tailored for child-like adults. Their pigeons are “left behind” to either admit that they’ve been duped (again) or more likely to come up with some lame rationalization like Sarah H’s alternative, (I’m not calling you lame, Sarah)

    God spoke to Shelby and Shelby, being a fallible human, misunderstood or misheard the message.

    To explain their failings or contradictions that excuse could be readily attributed to every single “revelation” driven book or claim ever dreamed up, but it seldom is applied to works which have become the foundation of huge religious institutions. The individual prophecy con artists can pull off their vanishing act, but multinational and/or multi billion dollar religious organizations are too big to run away. So as Steven Carr points out, they don’t put an expiration date on their product.

    Rumor has it that Corbitt has a sequel to be released soon: “I Meant 2008.”

  • Maybe he made the same mistake Homer Simpson did and miscounted the number of people at the last supper 😉

  • Remember the hoopla about the year 2000 date bug… and the controversy about how the years are counted where some thought the bugs might show up in 2001?

    Perhaps the rapture will simply happen a year late (sometime in 2008).

    Also, assuming the rapture isn’t an instantaneous happening, there will probably be time for all of us atheists to quickly convert at the last second and then spend eternity in heaven. So don’t worry, be secular (until the very last possible second) 😉

    All that matters to the Christian God is that you convert before you die (or before the rapture wave hits you). There is no problem with waiting… Maybe I’ll invent some kind of rapture alert device that can alert our fellow Atheists (and fence-sitting and lapsed Christians) to quickly convert when the buzzer goes off. Maybe that will be my ticket to financial freedom for if I’m going to be LEFT BEHIND, I want to be well provided for. 🙂

  • Claire

    Actually, Shelby is a woman, not a man, as much as I hate to point this out.

    She describes herself as “an average American housewife and mother who loves God and have devoted my life to being a voice and vessel for God to use to speak to this world”, so I’m going with the delusion hypothesis rather than the monetary motive, especially since she didn’t follow it up with other money-making religious endeavors.

  • Just so you know… I don’t believe in the rapture.

    ‘Left Behind’ – ugh!

    Jeff, do people at your church buy into that?

  • Actually, Shelby is a woman, not a man, as much as I hate to point this out.

    Claire — Thanks for the correction. I made the changes above to reflect it.

  • Sarah H.


    lol, I agree that it’s a lame rationalization, but it’s technically a possibility, just as much as it’s a possibility that say, there are multiple gods and one of the other ones decided to mess with the Christian God’s plan in order to confused his followers and make them look silly. My money’s on Thor. *grins*

  • Just so you know… I don’t believe in the rapture.
    ‘Left Behind’ – ugh!
    Jeff, do people at your church buy into that?

    I haven’t heard the rapture specifically mentioned in a service. I’ll see if I can bring the subject up in “small group”. Its probably really more of a Catholic concept…. kind of like the bodily ascension of Mary. Most protestants probably don’t believe in either of those crazy concepts.

  • James Daniel Reid

    Shelby Corbitt ought to be ashamed of herself for her illiterate comment about the rapture. Not only she’s a deciver. She’s an illiterate nutbag who loves to wound the Holy children with her lying teeth. There was one comment that Cliare made about Miss Corbitt which says, “She’s a housewife who really loves the Lord, which was what she said about hereself.” Putrid Nonsense! She doesn’t love Jesus since she set the date for Jesus’s return and he hasn’t shown up since. Her stupid self!
    Everytime I hear people set dates about the rapture, I’m always going to say, “Are you out of your freaking mind?” Just occupy until the time happens. You don’t just set dates for Yahushua’s return. No man knows the day or hour when Yahushua returns. It just irritates me when pastors do that. It’s disrespectful not only to Yahushua, but to his children as well.

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