I Am Honored… or Thoroughly Disturbed December 31, 2007

I Am Honored… or Thoroughly Disturbed

Still trying to figure out which…

(Thanks to Linda for the card! She has one more featuring this blog’s writers here.)

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  • Yes, Linda is apparently blessed with lots of free time on her hands. We should all be so fortunate. They are funny, though.

    Should we now refer to the “five horsemen” of the apocalypse?

    But seriously, Hemant doesn’t represent any of the Christian notions of the four horsemen as mentioned in revelation:6. Of course, neither do the other 4 guys featured.

  • Mriana

    In the Can-can video we have Dennet, Dawkins, Harris, and you, Hemant, but who is the fifth guy?

    Whoever he is, the whole thing is funny. 😆

  • Mriana,

    The other guy is Hitchens.

  • Mriana

    Interesting. Guess this is the first time I’ve seen a pic of Hitchens. 😆

  • Well, you’re not missing all that much, because he’s grumpy most of the time. I gave up trying to find a picture of him smiling.

  • Congratulations!!!!!! Now that is a group that I wish that I was mentioned with. 🙂

  • That. Is. Awesome. And I think a grumpy Hitchens is perfectly suited to the situation. It makes me wonder what Linda was trying to say by using such a smiley Dawkins… 😉

  • Stephen

    I’ve always wondered what kind of panties you wear, Hemant. That was a fascinating insight.

  • Steelman

    Somehow for me, the initial impact of the joyful celebration of life exhibited in the first clip was softened by a recent viewing of Stardust. 🙂

    Great cards, Linda!

  • you have nicer legs than I imagined… not that I imagine what your legs look like or anything… I mean that might be yoru thing but not mine…. not that there is anything wrong with that….

    … sooooo… How about them Colts?

  • Hmmm, seeing Hemant among those other four made me think of that Sesame Street song “One of these things is not like the others…” And I’m not talking about degree of fame. Somehow I just don’t see Hemant’s “friendly” MO as being very similar to that of the “new atheists”.

  • Somehow I just don’t see Hemant’s “friendly” MO as being very similar to that of the “new atheists”.

    Well, of course! You can clearly see that from the size of his smile! 🙂

  • Jen

    Hermant, why would you wear white gym socks with your garters? Very strange.

  • Maria


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