Humanist Network News’ Year End Review December 28, 2007

Humanist Network News’ Year End Review

The latest Humanist Network News rounds up the year’s biggest stories pertaining to Humanism and freethought in general.

Feel free to compare the list to HNN’s top stories of 2006.

Seems to me like there were a lot more positive stories to report this year…

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  • i love the HNN podcast. they have such wonderful, original interviews that aren’t just about religion/atheism … but more about culture, which i really appreciate. it’s definitely one of my favorite podcasts!

  • Thanks for this useful link, which I’ve added to our mediascan here in Scotland where Humanism has made great strides forward over the last few years since humanist weddings were legalized. Please add our site to your links for those of your readers outside the shores of the USA. Happy new Year to you!