Atheist Bashing? December 28, 2007

Atheist Bashing?

After seeing yesterday’s list of supposed Christian Bashing in 2007, Felicia asked an interesting question: What would the list be for atheists?

What were the highlights (or rather, lowlights) of atheist bashing in a year when atheists were actually in the spotlight more than ever before?

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  • Mitt Romney’s “Freedom requires religion” speech has to be on the list somewhere. As does the Paula Zahn “Atheist Discrimination” fiasco.

  • Atheist Alliance International attempts to get a poster done that contains various proposals for an atheist symbol, and two printers refuse to do the work on the basis that they do not do work for atheists. But the AAI representative was told not to feel bad since the organizations also do not do printing for the Nazis or the KKK.

    Protests and the banning of books (and movie based on the books) of author Phillip Pullman on the grounds that Pullman is an avowed atheists and the books may entice readers to adopt atheism.

    The state of Texas adding “under God” to its Pledge of Allegiance, joining the national claim that being “under God” is a necessary condition to being patriotic.

    Denish D’Souza’s book “What’s So Great about Christianity” that holds all atheists responsible for Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia.

  • Sam Harris’ hating the word “Atheist”

  • Linda Lindsey

    The incident in Iraq where an atheist soldier went through all the right channels to have a meeting for non-theists, and a Major disrupted the meeting and threatened the attendants. And then the military tried to say they couldn’t find any such Major when the lawsuit was filed. And then the Specialist who filed the lawsuit received death threats on the military boards.

  • Karen

    An email regarding a speech by anti-ID researcher Barbara Forrest gets a Texas educator fired.

    The pro-Christmas resolution in Congress.

    The rise of Southern Baptist pastor Mike Huckabee to take over the Republican lead in Iowa based on his status as a “Christian leader.”

    Continued polling showing atheists are still the least-electable minority group in the U.S.

  • I failed to mention an actual hate crime against atheists that happened this year.

  • Karen

    Let’s not forget Kathy Griffin’s “suck it jesus!” speech being censored at the Schmemmys. 🙂

  • Richard Wade

    Add to the list the several conservative Christians including Dinesh D’Souza who blamed the Virginia Tech massacre on atheists and atheism.

  • Richard Wade

    We can also thank our dependable basher D’Souza for blaming us in part for Islamic terror attacks around the world.

  • The fact that the national motto still says that the most important principle in America is that its population must be divided between a “we” who “trust God” and a “they” who do not.

    The fact that the nation still has a pledge of allegiance that still says that those not “under God” are as anti-American and unpatriotic as those who would support rebellion, tyranny, and injustice for all.

    The fact that several state constitutions still prohibit atheists from public office – where even though these laws are not enforcable, their continued presence represents no desire on the part of the body politic to revolk or retract the sentiments contained within.

  • JoshH

    Ann Coulter

  • Vincent

    Papal encyclical of late November in which he blames all the evils of the 20th century on atheism.

    Myrtle Beach SC, May 3, man is attacked and beaten for having an anti-religion bumper sticker.

    (technically Nov. 2006, but the investigation was not publicized until May 2007 – Cacy Cantwell of Lewiston Maine is fired because the boss didn’t like atheists)

  • Sarah H.

    I think this should definitely, definitely make the list.

    “Freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom FROM religion!” Ugh.

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