A Reason to Listen to Air America Minnesota December 27, 2007

A Reason to Listen to Air America Minnesota

In October, the Freedom From Religion Foundation got a nationally-broadcast atheist radio show on Air America.

Starting in January, Minnesota Atheists will be doing something similar on Air America Minnesota.

The show will air Sundays from 9 to 10 a.m. on AM 950 starting Jan. 13 when Oxford professor, evolutionary biologist and world-renown atheist Richard Dawkins will be the featured guest. The weekly shows also will be streamed live on the radio station’s website (www.airamericaminnesota.com/listen) and made available as a podcast at www.minnesotatheists.org/podcasts, [spokesman August] Berkshire said.

If you want to hear the program live, just click here and type in a Minnesota zip code. I suggest 56666 for obvious reasons 🙂

Hopefully, it’s a show that will attract listeners who are religious as well as atheists:

… The 60-minute show also will have features such as the “Everyday Atheist” and “Atheist History” and announcements of upcoming local and national atheist and humanist events. People will be able to call the show and interact with the host and comment on topics, Berkshire said.

“We are not interested in ridiculing anybody or converting people,” he said. “We just want conversation and dialog with the public. We applaud Air America Minnesota for allowing us to bring diversity to the airwaves.”

The show currently has a six-month contract. The station will decide whether to continue the show or not after the trial period is over.

Congrats to August and everyone involved with Minnesota Atheists for taking this type of conversation to the masses!

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  • Yes, if you didn’t catch that, Richard Dawkins will be the first guest.

  • Karen

    Niiiiiice! Congrats to all involved. Let’s keep raising our profile in a positive way, and pretty soon we’ll get that “place at the table” we’re looking for, right!?

  • Mriana

    I’ve been listening. 😀

  • Norm

    I look forward to appearing as guest when they do a Camp Quest show.

  • Oh, and if anyone has a show topic they’d like covered, or certain guests to be on, like someone who bartered his eternal spirit on Craigslist, send an email to info@mnatheists.org, or post here.

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