I Never Said That… December 25, 2007

I Never Said That…

There’s plenty to celebrate this week… I think I’m offended by the implication.


Wait a minute… that’s not all! This cartoonist, Dan Piraro, obviously has it out for atheists.

Why does it look like there’s something stolen in the guy’s bag…?

Why does the woman’s bag have a bunny on it…? She must have bought something from the Playboy store. Now, she’s going to go commit adultery.

And why are they seig heiling each other!?

Offensive on so many levels…

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  • I agree. A friend asked my daughter why atheists celebrate christmas. She replied back…why do christians celebrate halloween?

  • I did some research for Christmas myths, and came across the early church history involving the decision to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Origen thought that celebrating Jesus’ birth would be like worshiping a pharaoh king or a sun god. What a perfect excuse to celebrate the secularization of Christmas!

  • And why is there an M-80 about to go off at that guy’s feet?

  • cg

    Good eye, Hemant. It looks like one of those old Highlights magazine pictures for kids where you have to find stuff hidden in the pictures. In fact it kinda looks like the same artist.

    Throughout history, most cultures have latched onto some sort of mid-winter solstice celebration, so I’ve taken to annoying my Christian friends by signing my holiday cards with a Happy Solstice greeting. Kinda like that “Axial Tilt is the Reason for the Season” card I spotted on here a while back.

    And what’s with the piece of blueberry pie at the lady’s feet on the left?

  • Vincent

    Tina B said,

    I agree. A friend asked my daughter why atheists celebrate christmas. She replied back…why do christians celebrate halloween?

    Since Christians coopted that one as well (All Hallows Eve – or the night before All Saints Day), then it’s not really a good comeback.
    I’ve been trying to think of a holiday that we still observe, but that comes from some other religion and has no Christian connection, but I can’t. There are modern created holidays of course, like July 4 or 14, or Arbor Day, Presidents’ Day etc., but they have clearly secular historical origins.
    If you can think of a holiday with religious origins but no Christian connection I’d love to hear it.

  • Steve Steverson

    That really offends you? Wow… you must have a really thin skin! I thought it was mildly humorous. “Merry Nothing” 🙂

  • That really offends you?

    Sarcasm, sir. All sarcasm.

    Nothing offends me.

  • Stephanie
  • Sue

    Sorry, Hemant, I think it’s quite funny. They’re grinning, and they’re saying “merry…”, and they’re greeting each other: even if there’s “nothing”* to celebrate, they’re still celebrating (and buying presents).

    * This of course assumes that everyone who celebrates Christmas or celebrates something on Christmas Day is celebrating the birth of Jesus. Personally, I wasn’t: I was, however, celebrating a day off work to eat and drink and be merry; in my book, the fact that there’s a party is worth celebrating in and of itself.

  • Sarcasm!!! I’m not offended. I thought it was funny. I need some sort of more obvious symbol that lets people know this…

  • Tek

    The woman in the background seems to have an arrow in her shoulder.

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