My Favorite Card… So Far December 23, 2007

My Favorite Card… So Far

A friend who knows I’m an atheist gave me a holiday card where she had drawn a number of cartoons.

Including this one:


I love people who share my sense of humor about all this 🙂

(Got anything to top that?)

And many thanks to all those who made me smile by saying, “Hemant, have a Mer — [long pause] — Happy Holiday!”

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  • What’s that? You believe in dead angels? Wouldn’t that mean that you have to believe in angels in the first place? Just what kind of atheist are you?

    I’m a fan of the FSM holiday ecards.

  • ash

    i bought my brother a locally made card, it reads thus;-


    -this winter festival card has been PC approved, with all offensive content removed, to ensure display without causing umbrage or embarrasment-

    i laughed almost as much as at the last one i bought him – a woman answering the door to 2 jehovahs witnesses asking if she had found jesus yet. his feet and robes could be seen peeking out from behind the curtain.

  • Mriana

    It’s a dead angel. OK. I still don’t get it. Then again, I was never one for satire or whatever. I never found the humour in Monty Python either. 😕

  • I think this picture would make a nice little card for someone. A little Old Testament humor to go along with creationist views on the flood and what animal life was in existence at the time.