Chicago Sun-Times Interview December 22, 2007

Chicago Sun-Times Interview

A while back, I did an interview with Susan Hogan/Albach, a reporter with the Chicago Sun-Times.

For a few reasons (having nothing to do with my atheism or the article itself), it didn’t make it into the paper.

But the interview is now up on the paper’s new religion blog, Divinity and Beyond.

Go check it out!

It also includes this picture:


I like it. And unlike Mike Huckabee, I’ll admit there’s a cross — not a bookshelf — in the background:


Your comments are appreciated on the Sun-Times‘ website!

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  • Well, your cross is prettier than Huck’s, so I guess it’s okay. 🙂

  • Huck’s looks like a bookshelf to me… was there seriously any doubt about that? It just doesn’t have any real books on it… which doesn’t surprise me, coming from Mike Huckabee.

  • Mriana

    Well the Gaelic cross would have been nicer… jk It looks great and far better than Huckleberry’s. Great interview Hemant. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

  • Darryl

    Some of the media folks are either just ignorant or disingenuous about the cross vs. bookshelf controversy. Of course it was intended to be a symbolic stimulus. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t understand how commercials are made.

  • Maria

    good interview, nice pic

  • grazatt

    Hemant, you look so studly in that pic

  • Kate

    Looking quite handsome, Hemant!!! We’re all surprised that some nice atheist girl hasn’t snatched you up yet.

  • Maria

    what I don’t get is why everyone is so shocked that Hukabee promoted religion. He’s been a religious candidate from the getgo-he’s always been upfront about it. no one should expect anything different of him. and that really did look like a bookcase, but who knows……

  • stogoe

    It’s a bookcase that’s been selectively cropped to make you think of a cross. But he’s a creepy theocrat even without it.

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