Dave Silverman on CNN Tonight December 21, 2007

Dave Silverman on CNN Tonight

Dave Silverman, Communications Director for American Atheists and blogger at NoGodBlog.com, will be part of a four-person panel on CNN tonight.

The show, What Would Jesus Really Do?, is hosted by Roland Martin.

Wish him well! (It’s tough to speak in .00005 second soundbytes.)

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  • Vincent

    His post is no longer available for comment on CNN.
    Too bad. I wanted to point out that X for Christ goes back to the first century, and that nobody, repeat NOBODY, is saying he should take Christ out of Christmas or not say Merry Christmas or not put up a Nativity scene.
    Just don’t make me do it (and by that I mean don’t make me pay for it through taxes or the use of public land).

  • Julie

    Wow, I missed this post on the 21st, which is too bad. I had CNN on while I was doing stuff around the house, and I could not believe how many Jesus specials are on CNN. I guess it’s the season, and they’re a business and can do what they want, but still, it was amazing to me. I don’t know if I could have stomached Roland Martin for a whole special, but it might have been interesting to see the atheist comment.

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