Help the Secular Student Alliance by Watching a Movie December 13, 2007

Help the Secular Student Alliance by Watching a Movie

If you watch the four-minute movie below until the end, the Secular Student Alliance will get a small donation from the producers! It’d be nice if those cents could add up. Only views that occur before December 23rd will count!

What is the movie? It’s called Heart of the Beholder:

Heart of the Beholder is based on a true story of religious censorship, intolerance, and political corruption. Heart of the Beholder was written, produced, directed, and funded by Freethinkers from around the world and has won more Best Feature Film awards than any other independent movie ever. The producers tell me that due to the controversial topic, distributors are afraid to pick the movie up.

HOTB-BTS-00 Web Theater IntroductionFor more funny movies, click here

More information on how this arrangement works is here and here.

If you like what you see, link to the video and help the promo video spread! The SSA’s percentage will go right back to supporting secular campus groups across the country.

And if you’re feeling particularly generous, you can always donate straight to the SSA by going here 🙂

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  • This is a great idea! Looks like a great film too, I’ll definately be watching the whole thing. Mind if I cross post this over to my blog at ?

  • By all means, have at it!

  • TXatheist

    I have to say this is a good movie if you like drama with a twist. I actually helped get this movie produced too because Doreen(producer) was so cool. I sent in the money and after it came to fruition she sent the money back as promised after sales allowed it. It really is a good movie.

  • Maria

    thanks for posting this. I will check it out

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