You Have to Admit: It’s Honest December 10, 2007

You Have to Admit: It’s Honest


Credit should go to Lore Sjöberg for the image! (Thanks to Rachel for pointing that out.)

(via Merit-Bound Alley)

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  • Mriana

    Humm… Seems like the artist has done their homework. 😀

  • Rachel

    Hey Hemant,

    Credit should go to Lore Sjöberg, a very funny guy.

    He did Brunching Shuttlecocks back in the day.

  • I love it!

  • Nick

    Excellent. I wonder, has anyone printed these up as t-shirts?

  • Thanks for the note, Rachel! I’ve edited my post with the credit 🙂

  • Hey, that font looks familiar. Look at the “A”!

  • god

    Nice atheist blog! I have a non-blog site that pokes fun of religion that you might find amusing. It’s called It’s basically a joke site that let’s you specify the name of a deity to solicit for vengeance and allows you to schedule a public prayer time so that people around the world can synchronize thier prayers. You can pray for the demise of anyone you want. I also keep a running total of prayers for individuals so I can show the “Top 10 People Most Likely to be Killed by God”. Currently George Bush, Dick Cheney and Condolizza Rice are leading the pack, followed by some random Chinese people. Apparently there’s some very angry dude in China.

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