What Do I Have To Do To Convince You I’m An Atheist? December 10, 2007

What Do I Have To Do To Convince You I’m An Atheist?

The Generation Orthodox podcast recently had a “Ladies Night” and one of the topics that came up was books that the ladies were reading.

I Sold My Soul on eBay popped up on the list (MP3)… (listen at the 38:30 mark)

A couple thoughts:

I am not an Agnostic.

I *am* a real guy.

30 seconds? That’s all I get?! Come back, Orthodox girls! You left so soon…

But all is forgiven because their mention me in the same sentence as the ever-so-awesome A.J. Jacobs and his fantastic book The Year of Living Biblically.

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  • Mriana

    Come back, Orthodox girls! You left so soon…

    Poor Hemant. 🙁 Maybe we can find you some Orthodox girls here and they might talk about your book as much as you want. 🙂 Um… Would that be an Orthodox Jew, Orthodox Catholic, or an Orthodox Christian? Do they have Orthodox Muslims? Oh no matter, we’ll find you one of each say around… 24 y.o? Now do you want virgins or does that matter?

  • JeffN

    Not to sound rhetorical but O Brother. 😉

  • What do you have to do? Just tell me and I will trust you to know and understand your own experience for yourself. I will, though, insist that you accord to other people the same confidence that they, themselves, are the best judge of their own experience. There is a big condition. Your actions have to not contradict what you say and they can’t deny other people the right to freedom of belief. What people do is what they really believe.

    I’m find it hard to believe that you’re having dating trouble, Hemant. Maybe if you chew on a clove or a bit of parsley now and again. Though you will want to make sure there is no residue on your teeth if you take that advice.

  • Hemant-

    I’m glad you found our show! My apologies in not getting all your facts straight–on the podcast I mentioned that I was looking forward to getting your book. Now that I’ve had a chance to read the first half or so, I’m even more glad that I found it.

    We’ll certainly be talking about the book on future podcasts. I promise you’ll get more than 30 seconds of Orthodox fame.

    So far (and I don’t foresee it coming) it doesn’t look like you visited an Orthodox church in your tour of American Christianity. Are you still accepting payment/donations to visit and offer your opinions of a church?

    Thanks for mentioning us on your blog!

  • Calee — No hard feelings 🙂 I didn’t visit an Orthodox church during my visits (which focused primarily on Evangelical churches). And right now, I’m not taking any more donations to attend church 🙂 If I go, I’ll just do it myself for my own inquisitive reasons. I appreciate the offer, though!

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