Deities and Deliverance December 10, 2007

Deities and Deliverance

Babs at Flumadiddle is getting good at this video thing.

Gotta love the banjo-ey soundtrack.

And the cow. (That’s my favorite part)


(via Too Many Tribbles)

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  • JeffN

    Sure U Huh.

  • Mriana

    My girls (cats) and I are having a battle here. They insist on Bast. I say Amen! Truly is cool esp when it’s Amen-Ra (Truly Sun god). The Sun Truly rises every morning without a doubt and you can shout, “IT has risen! Truly has risen!” No Christian would get the joke, but mythicists like Acharya would. 😆 I’m so bad! 😀 Still my girls insist Bast is the best and they worship that cool cat every day. Sigh! I’m still waiting to see Bast, but like George Carlin I see the Sun every day, so Amen! O Amen! “O Amen, O Amen, who art in “heaven,”~ from the Book of the Dead Chapter clxii. Yup! The Sun is in “heaven”. 😆 He’s the God of gods, King of kings, King of the gods. Boy did the translaters screw that one up and perpetuated it for almost 2000 years, but the gig is up in Revelation (Rev 3:14, the Egyptian Sun god is revealed and Jesus refers to himself as the Amen) and it is admitted who Truly really is and Truly I say to you Amen is the god of the Egyptians. So is Bast. Therefore my girls and I have now compromised and our book is The Book of the Dead. Hehehehehe

    I’ll never be able to go to church again without laughing at that little secret so many deny so strongly. 😆

  • JeffN

    O brother. 🙂

  • Mriana

    Hey, I’m having fun with this one. 😆 Gives me an opportunity to throw in a little bit of what I know about the “evolution” of religion. I’m so evil.

  • Darryl

    My kind of discourse. Keep up the good work!

  • AnonyMouse

    Betcha can’t worship just one! 😉

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